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Tuesday 20 September 2011

MUMMMMMM he's breathing all my air again!

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Ahhh *sigh* I can so clearly hear my mother saying to me many many moons ago "you'll get yours kiddo, just you wait, you'll get yours". Actually she used to say it to me quite often as I went through *ahem* a rather trying phase for my parents when I was a teenager. Little did she know then, that "you'll get yours" would actually come in the form of three gorgeous, but highly often highly strung little boys. 

Now I know I used to fight with my brother a lot when we were young. I do recall being so upset one day that he would not let me join his Spy Club, that I smacked a Moove sticker right in the middle of his prized signed Star Wars poster. Oh geez, World War 3 very nearly took place that day in our peaceful childhood home.

Although we used to fight often, my brother also had some very kind and generous moments. One day in particular, he took the time to teach me every single swear word he knew. It was certainly an upgrade from my simple vocab of poo, wee and stinky bum.

When his friends came over to watch a movie, he was very kind and thoughtful - he used to give me a snack and a drink before he locked me in the backyard.

My brother and I sure had some fun times together.  I remember one year in particular, it was Christmas time and he took me around to all the houses in our street to spread our season's cheer. We would knock on the door and when it was opened I would break out into my best rendition of Deck the Halls. My brother would show his support by standing very patiently behind me, and when I was finished he would would hold out his St George Money Box and allow the kind people to make a donation for the needy. I didn't realise we were needy, but I sure enjoyed that stash of lollies and pink sunglasses I purchased with my cut off the "donations".

Fast track to now and I am a mother myself and I find myself with a nagging conscience that fills me with remorse for all the suffering my brother and I put our poor mother and father through with our fighting. 

My kids seem to find something to argue about everyday. If they are not screaming about somebody stealing food off someones plate (happens a lot in our place), they are crying about the most incredible things like someone taking all the air ??? I so did not know there was an air shortage. I must of course pay tribute to the timeless "He's looking at me again Mum". That one leaves me rendered dumb and speechless every single time. 

We have a whole playroom full of toys, but all three coincidentally NEED that empty toilet roll for a trumpet at the same time. It amazes me that they know that out of a box of 50 million textas, that particular green texta is theirs, "I've had it like forever so give it to me now!"

You think I am exaggerating don't you? Get this - My kids fight about picking up dog poop. If they aren't protesting "I did it yesterday so it's not my turn", they actually fight because they want to to pick it up. Apparently, because the poop came from the new puppy, it's special. 

We get the "he's got more than me" to "why do I have more vegetables than him?" 

Heaven forbid when friends come over to play, then we get "he's taking my friends away from me" It seriously is a losing battle.

But then in the wink of an eye everything can change. An eerie and not too familiar calmness descends upon us. Noise in the form of laughter starts to fill the room, and the oh so sweet smell of a truce fragrances the air. Suddenly they are best friends. They want to put on a dancing and singing show for us, they want to go outside and ride their skateboards and scooters together and they are even willing to hold hands to cross the road. They excitedly plan to snuggle up together for a sleepover in one of their rooms and miraculously WANT to eat popcorn out of the one big bowl. 

Blissfully sweet moments like this completely melt my heart. I absolutely glow with proud mummy satisfaction when I hear them encourage each other on something one is struggling with, or when the older two take the time to teach their younger brother the alphabet or how to count. I spend the day safe in the knowledge that they will look out for each other at school, and may even get together to join friends and play handball.

Those glimpses of brotherly love can single handedly obliterate the memory of the previous day's all out war over who's Zhu Zhu can ride a tech deck better. They can allow me to sit back for a moment and admire my parenting handiwork. Almost.......... for a brief moment......... until the air shortage issue is once again brought to my attention.

How to be a Perfect Parent ...... ha ha ha ha

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Christy said...

Love your blog! Please follow us at Mommy's Links on FB and Twitter! And my own personal blog is and you may follow me on twitter at @MsTwoCentsML

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Thanks Christy. Mommy's links is a fantastic site. I just visited and I will definately keep coming back to check in. Thanks for dropping by :) xx

MSadventurer said...

Ha ha ha - hilarious! I also have 3 children and mine are also super competitive. They would probably count the grains of rice on their plate to see who got the most if I let them :-)

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

The air shortage. ha.
Your brother sounds awesome. I had an older sister and she just hated when I would try to hang out with her and her friends when they were over at the house. She never gave me snacks before locking me out though. lol

(Stopping by from the Serenity Now linky party)

Stephanie Bishop said...

My three boys are not 19---17--12 and I so remember these days! It is magical to see there relationship grow, develop and change as they share their lives, dreams and mother with each other! You have such a great perspective and this will carry you through some dark days as the mother of 3 boys!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Hi Carla, Bargain Babe and Stephanie. I am so excited that you stopped by. Even more I am super excited at the fact that others can relate to my frustrations with the fighting.

@Carla - grains of rice ... that is too funny! Mine count how many potato gems they each get so I have to make sure they are even :)

@Bargain Babe - Bothers and Sisters! So they all come from the same toremting mould then? Thank you for sharing that with me as I was always saying to myself as a child, "if only I had a sister" :)

@Stephanie - Thank you, you have given me hope, as your kids are older than mine and you have survived to tell the story :) There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

xxx Sonia

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