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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Home Office Ideas

Pin It I am about to do a major makeover for my home office and I am super excited but muddled with ideas at the moment. I spend sooo much time in this space due to the fact that I work from home full time. I also obviously blog here, I pay our bills, plan and organise our life and spend hours mucking around with my arts and crafts stuff  in here too.

So I need this room to be pretty special. A place to inspire me and motivate me. A place that I can lock myself away from the mayhem in the rest of the house and just do my girly stuff.

I am very lucky that my hubby has given this room over to me to decorate how ever I want.

I know that this room has to have plenty of storage and bench space. Colour wise I am torn between an apple green type of colour or a beachy blue/gray. Decisions decisions - what's a girl to do?

Part of my research has seen me turn to Pinterest for some Inspiration for colour and storage ideas. You gotta LOVE Pinterest! So I thought I would share some of my finds with you.

If you have any great home office ideas, what worked for you, storage or space tips, please leave me a comment and give me a hand here :)

I love this look but there is just not enough room to work.

Love this colour, but need more storage.

Great drawers.

Love everything about this room.
Cute idea

I think I have died and gone to home office heaven.

I love the workshoppy feel of this room.
Great use of storage.

I love the calm colours of this room.

So pretty.

Storage Heaven.

I could spend hours in here.
Definitely digging the green.

So simple yet so breathtaking.

So there you have the pictures I have pinned on my boards in Pinterest for my home office makeover. I will keep you posted as the transformation takes place.

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Jayne said...

Sonia, all of those home offices are ssooooo dreamy!! I am about to start sharing the study with my hubby as he works from home and I am joining him with a small amt of work! I think I definitely need to add more girly components to it! Enjoy doing your make over .. I hope to see photos of the finished product. :)

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