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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Our Christmas and New Year

Pin It Wow, I sit here and ponder - was that Christmas and New Year that just flew by and smacked me in the face?

I know I have been a little quiet on the bloggy front, but trust me I have really been very busy stuffing myself silly with seafood and Vodka, lime and Soda, relaxing with family and friends and just generally having a good old time.

Christmas was a hoot. Every year the build up seems to get bigger and faster and then wham Christmas Day is upon us and then over in a flash. We celebrated our Christmas with our fabulous family and then New Year was spent partying with some of our most favourite people in the world.

As I write this, I am incredibly sunburnt (I know setting a good example to my kids huh!) and I am sooo relaxed. I won't bore you with details about our Christmas and New Year, instead I am posting some of my favourite pics from the holidays. I have to ease myself back in to blogging you see because after 10 days off, I am more than a little rusty and have forgotten where the letters are on my key board :)

What better way to slowly ease myself back in to my blogging rhythm than by partaking in Wordless Wednesday. I know, it is a bit of a cop out, but blah blah blah and all that :)

Of course in true Sonia style, it is not completely wordless as look at how I have prattled on above. To hell with it I say - I have missed you guys and I hope you all had a wonderful Chrissy and here's to a helluva fabulous 2012.



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