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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Auto Correct - Please stop making me look like an Idiot

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Lately I have been really lazy lying in bed at night reading blogs AND catching up on all my recorded episodes of Real Housewives. I had to.... My Foxtel IQ was 93% full and most of it was Real Housewives from friggen everywhere!

So faced with the choice of watching my fave shows or reading my fave blogs, I did what most sane woman would do...... I chose both.

So out comes the trusty iPad and I am merrily reading and commenting away in the ad breaks. I thought I was so clever multi tasking and all that until I started making a few typos on Facebook.

Oh I know I have been leaving my dirty spelling mistakes all over the place but not ALL of them are my fault. Nope your honour - it is the bloody auto correct on my iPad that is causing all the embarrassment.

The other night I was reading one of my most favourite blogs Hotly Spiced and Charlie was talking about her Superbowl Buffalo Wings and how all the cool kids eat them on Superbowl Night. Now hubby had cooked dinner for us that night as I was late home from meetings and of all things he had cooked Chicken wings so I was suddenly kinda feeling some sort of version of cool. Ok they weren't buffalo wings, but they were wings from something with feathers and lays an egg.

Anyhoo I am rambling.....

I decided to leave a comment for Charlie and through my weary hooded eyes I didn't notice that auto correct was on fire as per usual. So instead of leaving a semi coherent message, I ended up with this;

Sonia@LifeLoveandHiccups says:

HELLLOOOOOO I have so missed reading your posts Hun. I have been so flatout with my return to work and I have been dying to see what you have been up to. I have 8 yes 8 of your posts to catch up on tonight so I am a little excited. It is kinda like a double length episode of your face tv show :)
Well without even trying we are I. The Super owl cool group tonight as we had chicken wings for dinner too. Only cause I was late home from work and my hubby and boys cooked them (they are a fave).
Hope you have been keeping well lovely :) xx

Sonia@LifeLoveandHiccups says:
LMAO oh my Lord how many spelling mistakes and word mistakes can auto correct give me in one comment. I the Super Owl cool group???? What the??? Just disregard my comment. It makes no sense at all. Just go watch your FACE TV show lol xx

So my dear precious iPad, I love you but Auto check - You my frenemy can go to bumble you stupid thing I said go to bum fluff tree..... Oh Whatever!!!!

Please note, this post is my way of saying sorry for any past or future jumbled up unintelligible messages I leave on your posts or Facebook.