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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How to Embarrass your kids on Valentines Day - Post Mission Debrief

Pin It You know those really annoying mums that love to totally embarrass their kids on Valentines by sending them to school all loved up and with lunches packed full to the brim of sweet heart shaped sandwiches, pink treats, cut out hearts and love notes??? Hello *waving* I am so one of them.

Yup Valentines day this year was oozing with declarations of love for my little squidgens and their papa bear. My mission was to go overboard and I smashed all expectations.

The boys woke up to little bags I had put together for them and if my gushy mood wasn't sweet enough, I crammed a whole lot of sugar in to make sure all bases were covered. These little babes were enough to send the tamest of sprockets off on a total sugar high. And to really show my devotion, I let them eat as much as they wanted for brekkie.

So I'm not going to get the Mother of The Year trophy from my kids school teachers for handing them over in that semi comatose state, but I sure scored some brownie points with the little dudes.

I made sure that if they hadn't gotten enough of the L.O.V.E vibe from their little gifts before school, they certainly got it when they opened their lunchboxes at lunchtime.

So what did they think of my over the top and completely brazen soppiness?  THEY LOVED IT!

My only disappointment is that they were not even embarrassed in the slightest at lunchtime in front of their mates. Apparently they AND their buddies thought it was all pretty cool. Do I have some little SNAGs on my hands? Oh thank me later my future Daughter in Laws where ever you are.

And this old mum was on the receiving on some special treasures too.

Yup totally spoilt!!!

Our kids school were even thoughtful enough to put on a special night for the parents tonight. Ok so they called it a Parent Information night, but I'm sure its just that they really wanted to spend some more time with us.....or on second thoughts, perhaps it was a form of detention for sending hyped up kids to school???

What ever it was, it was a bloody good excuse to not cook and instead head out for dinner for some Sushiiiiii Train Cha Cha!

So there you have it lovelies, Valentines Day all wrapped up with the biggest brightest most obnoxious bow I could find. And even if I failed miserably at totally embarrassing my precious little squidgens with all my glorious gushiness, at least they know their mum loves them. 

And my hubby??? Well he ain't so bad either.

Did you guys celebrate Valentines Day or are you not particularly a fan of another day hijacked by retailers of the world and completely over commercialised?

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