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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Men Just take it too FAR!

Pin It Do you ever find yourself talking to the dogs like you do the kids???

I do and I get about as much response from the dogs as I do the kids half the time, maybe even more!

I have even caught myself calling out to the dogs when they were barking, "Please stop Barking - I have a headache". The neighbours once commented that it was very nice to hear me use the word 'please' with the dogs and they praised me on my lovely manners. But I really don't know what I was expecting the poor dogs to do. Stop barking and pop inside to get me a couple of Panadol, some soothing eye pads and a nice cuppa? Yuh really!

The absurdity of the situation really hit home the other evening as I watched my hubby try and corral the dogs inside as it started to rain.

He was all "Come on guys, its raining come inside"...... like they care!

And then he resorted to "COME ON, I'm getting wet!" ...... Care factor? Still very much Zero!

But it was the last bit that really got me ......

Hubby: "GET INSIDE NOW!" (wait for it.......) "One! TWO!! THREE!!!"

Yep! He actually counted at them.

Ummm darling, watcha gonna do, take away their doggy iPods and TV privileges??

Seriously though.... Men, they always take it to a whole new level!!!!

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