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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Don't believe the Rumours

Pin It Well hello there, remember me?

I am still around and just wanted to pop in and let you know that the rumour that I ran off with George Clooney isn't entirely true. Of course he did his best to try and entice me, but unfortunately for him I had to decline and I kindly suggested he go play with that nice leggy wrestler instead. No I haven't lost my mind (although I am very tired and somewhat delusional), but I do have a wonderful hubby already and more to the point I am presently buried under a humongous pile of work and simply have no time to play with Georgie babe.

Yes sadly I have a day job that has been stretching way too far into the night at the moment and by the time I finally crawl out of my office, I don't have much energy left to do anything else, apart from try and plan a certain little boys Magic birthday party that's coming up, fill out all the school notes, various enrolment forms, throw a little money via Bpay at which ever utilities company is screaming the loudest and allow a friend or two to whip my ass on Words with Friends.

My email is full, my reader is overflowing and I have a pile of notes scribbled next to my bed that should be blog posts. My nails have not been painted for over two weeks, my laundry resembles a Vinnies dumping ground, and I am actually writing whiny whingy posts like this one. More importantly my boobs are seriously sagging.

Yes I agree that last point may seem a little random, but I have noticed lately that I seem to be making my bra straps shorter and shorter these days which I assume is because they have to be that much tighter to hitch and hold everything back up where once upon a time they sat unsupported.

If you are friends with Life Love and Hiccups on Facebook, you may have seen that piccie above that I posted during the week. Hells bells, whilst very funny it is also a little too real for my liking. This picture was also the reason why I found myself standing naked in front of my bathroom mirror pushing and poking my mammaries whilst calculating in my head how long it would take me to save up all my spare coins for a boob job.

I once had very lovely boobs that sat up nice and high and perky....... Ok perky might be over exaggerating a little, but they certainly weren't positioned as far south as they are now. Gravity and kids do that to you you know, they work together as a destructive little team to destroy anything nice around the house, including your boobs. Lucky for the kids I have a soft spot for them and hold way more of a grudge against gravity.

So whats been happening with you guys? Got any juicy news to share or how bout some tips on keeping body parts where they are supposed to be?

Note* To the author of the above picture, I have no idea who you are to credit you but I nearly peed my pants at your hilarious cartoon. Please don't sue me, I'm saving all my silver coins for a boob job!