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Monday, 19 March 2012

You Belong in a Zoo and you can get a discount too!

Pin It Recently my family was given the opportunity by The Soup Team and Taronga Zoo to trial a Zoo Friends Membership and can I tell ya, this has been fantastic for us.

We LOVE going to the Zoo but one of the ultimate benefits of having a Zoo Friends Membership (apart from the fact you are supporting Taronga Zoo and their animals) is that a day at the zoo no longer needs to be a Massive day out that requires precision planning well in advance.

Nope the beauty is you don't have to go for a whole day and cram everything in just to get your money's worth. You can go as many times as you like, whenever you like - 9am - 5pm, 365 days a year.

This is perfect for our family as finding a whole day free on a weekend that is chockas with kids sports and parties etc is almost impossible. With a Zoo Friends pass, we can go after Karate for the afternoon on a Saturday, on a Sunday morning for Brekkie or we can even fit in an hour after school if the kids aren't too feral.

This Weekend the weather was, well not much short of crappy really. Saturday morning we woke to rain and groans from the kids, "I guess we're not going to the zoo then!" (Hopefully you read that in your best grumpy kid voice for the full effect).  But I was feeling particularly nice and unusually flexible this morning (probably something to do with the fact that my hubby let me sleep in and took the kids to Karate himself), and I said "its only rain, so what we'll get a little wet, let's go!" ..... or something probably less eloquently but to that effect.

Despite the rain which had dwindled to a light sprinkle by the time we arrived, we had a ball. The zoo wasn't as packed as usual and we got to take in everything with out Queues and lines.

Two weeks ago we went and focused on the Australian and Nocturnal Animals and the interactive Kids Farm. This visit was all about the shows and Animal Encounters.

Kai was pulled up in the Seal Show to meet Murphy the Seal and Sammy got chosen to participate in the Birds of Flight Show. We fed the Giraffes and we had a gorgeous little Baby Chimp play games with us. (watch the video here)

When the weather got a little too patchy for our liking, we hopped aboard the Sky Safari and went up and down taking in the sights in shelter. It was probably our most favorite visit to the zoo ever as far as experiences go.

Want your own Zoo Friends Membership? Taronga Zoo is giving you guys a 25% discount off the Membership Fee! You can access the deal through this link: (offer valid until May 31st 2012).

Below are some of my favourite snaps from the millions I took on the day.

So what did you get up to this weekend?

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