Friday, 6 July 2012

If You're Missing Something - Perhaps You Should Check Your Wall Cavity!

We've been getting our hands all dirty around the house this week, motivated by DIY shows to make some changes and fix some of the things that were due for fixing - oh like 5 years ago!

One of the things that needed fixing was a hole at the bottom of our stairs where the baby gate used to be. It started out as just a small little hole, but with the enthusiastic help of a certain little boy who shall remain nameless.... FLYNN oops couldn't help myself - the hole became considerably bigger.

Don't be fooled by his sweet little face - this dear sweet smiling assassin has been very busy it seems. 

This is the hole in the wall. It has been neatened up ready for patching.

Before we patched it up we thought we had better check to make sure our little renovator didn't hide anything in the wall cavity, like a little toy ...... or fifty!

You think I'm exaggerating? Have a look at this not so little stash we pulled out of the wall cavity.

Now I'm all for hiding letters and newspapers in walls for future renovators to find and marvel at, but calculators, go gos and even a pair of socks? Come On!

Have you got any little renovators in your home?
Do you need any bouncy balls or knights? - We have plenty it seems!