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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

An Evening Walk Through our Neighbourhood

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Now the weather is warming up and daylight savings has arrived the days are longer and you can't help but feel like you have gained some extra hours in the day. If you are working during the day like me, the extra day light hours to get out and do stuff after you finish work are the ultimate bonus.

We live in an estate that has only been established for a few years and I liken it to being a bit like Wisteria Lane from the Despot Housewives, but without all the bodies in basements and neighbourhood drama.

It's pretty and friendly and the perfect place to raise a family.

In the middle of our estate are two park areas and duck ponds. The park is great for the kids and it's the perfect spot for some of us mums in neighbourhood to meet up on a warm balmy evening with a vino in hand and trade goss whilst the kids milk every last minute of playtime.

I adore after dinner walks with the family. Apart from the fact it gets us out of the house, wears the dogs and the kids down before bedtime and gives us some family time to chat (or argue depending on the kid's moods), I just love to soak up the atmosphere and the divine smells that waft around the neighbourhood as everyone cooks their dinner.

With the warmer weather, windows and doors are flung wide open and you can hear the sounds of families going about their evening and to me there is just something so reassuring and comforting about those smells and sounds. It screams summer and the promise of fun filled days and nights.

Max and Milly - the dogs, absolutely delight in running along the quiet streets with the kids and it is no wonder Milly the Chicken Sausage needed a lie down mid walk? She totally wore herself out dragging the hubby around on his skateboard.

Have a good look at the photo below, she is so damn pooped she doesn't even notice the cat hiding in the drain right behind her. Hilarious!

People are generally very house proud in this estate and the majority of gardens are beautifully landscaped and maintained. There is plenty of eye candy for garden lovers and again the intoxicating scents of the jasmine and lavender and roses drift through the air as you breeze along.

If Goldilocks was all about the seasons then in my version Spring in this neighbourhood is Juuuuuussssst Right!

How do you like to spend the extra daylight hours you gain in Spring and Summer?