Monday, 29 October 2012

There is No Place Like Home!

I am the biggest homebody like ever. I love the rare Sunday when there is nothing on. No kids sports, parties or comittements. Zilch, zip, zingo. Nothing but just hanging at home with plenty of hours to just potter as happy as a pig in a pit.

I never seem to get bored and there is always something for me to do from pretending to know what I'm doing as I hack away in the garden, organising or even reorganising something for the zillionth time, hiding away in my lady cave and creating or just generally foofing around.

And it was foofing I chose to do this weekend and the subject of my foofing? The front entrance and the front garden.

I have no idea why I chose there specifically to foof apart from the fact that I love it to look nice and welcoming so when I arrive home from being out, I have the ahhhhh I'm home moment before I make it into the door.

Come on I want to show you my foofing.

So tell me what you got up to over the weekend?
Are you a home body too or do you prefer to be out and about on the weekends?