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Thursday, 1 November 2012

No more Superman around Here - It's All About The Zombie Resistance

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And so Halloween is done and dusted for another year! Rewind 5 years ago and I said we are so NOT ever doing Halloween.

I gave in cause I'm weak and I love raiding the kids chocolate stash.

To say we really got into it this year is possibly and understatement but I totally blame Pinterest. We decorated, we created and we even played the sounds of ghosts, creepy laughs and creaking doors at a deafening volume through the front windows just to you know freak out everyone that walked along our street.

Yes we went overboard.

3 years ago I went trick or treating with Superman, Batman and a Knight. This year it was all about Zombies and the Zombie Resistance. Oh how things change in a such a short time frame.

Made up with freaky faces, ghoulish outfits and covered in fake blood my boys had an absolute blast joining the zillions of other kids in our estate. They gave each others costumes the appropriate amount of admiration and recognition, knocked on doors and scared family pets and oohed and aahed over all the efforts the neighbours went to decorating their entrances.

Our estate is full of families of all ages and I was amazed at just how many homes participated this year. The rule was if they don't have any decorations up or an orange balloon out front, then you don't knock.

There were no tricks involved as there was no need, and us parents kept ourselves busy calling out from the sidewalk "Only take one, No you can't choose the colour" and "Remember to say thank you". Hey even Zombies have to remember their manners.

The kids had a group of friends come over to join in the fun and stick around afterwards for some Pizza. The mums had just as much fun chatting away as we wandered through the streets of the estate, drinks in hand and keeping a close eye on our ghostly offspring. The hubby stayed home to keep the ghostly sounds playing on loop and hand out the Ghost Poop.

I know it is not an Australian tradition and I know it is so commercialised, but have you seen how many chockies they get? I'm sorry but my weakness for chocolate is a greater force than I can deal with.

I wonder if I can get away with dressing up and holding out a bucket to be filled with sugary delights? Hmmmm I have until next year to come up with a costume that will stand out among the zombies and zombie Resistance.

Even Ghouls and Zombies get tired!

Did you guys take part in Halloween this year or are you not really a fan of this tradition?