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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Easter!

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OK so its not really beginning to look even remotely like Easter so I have no idea why I even gave this post that title.  Bad humour? Personally I think it is the lights, they are starting to effect my brain. It must be something to do with the 50 metres of tree lights I got a little carried away with this year.

Yes you read correctly, 50 metres of lights for our tree. I honestly don't know what I was thinking except that I wanted the tree to really twinkle. So when I was trawling Ebay I came across a site that was selling 50 metres of warm white LEDs for an absolute steal.

Of course I bought them and then when they arrived I just chucked them in the cupboard without checking them. They were lights for crying out loud. How much examination do they need? *Ahem* Maybe it was not so much the lights that needed examining, perhaps my mathematical skills or measurements that could do with a little polish.

And so it came to the night we planned to put up the Christmas tree. The perfect space was cleared and prepared. The tree was assembled, decorations were pulled out of storage and the kids were beyond excited. Judging by the Christmas CDs on loop I may have been a little excited too.

I grabbed the new lights out of their hidey ho in the cupboard, opened them and within less than 2 minutes I had them in a complete tangle.

It was hot, I was getting cranky and I started barking orders at everyone whilst I tried to detangle the mass of lights.

"Can you help me please" I politely demanded of the hubby.

Followed up with"Far out you are not doing right, give it back to me".

My poor patient man handed them back over and a minute or two later I'm all "Oh geez - just sit there and watch me struggle why dontcha!"

He had no hope.

We eventually got them untangled and began the task of wrapping the tree.

We went down the tree and we went up the tree. We went back down the tree and back up again. We went round and round the tree until it was turning into one big glowing spotlight and we were only half way through the lights.

"Um how many metres are these lights Sonia?" The husband asked nervously.

"50 metres" I mumbled. "I may have overestimated a little"

Well that was enough to send him in fits of laughter. "50 bleepin metres??? Do you plan on decorating every Christmas Tree in the street with these lights?" my husband dangerously spat out.

That was enough to send me into a full blown unappreciated tanty. I threw the lights at him and stormed out.

I told you the poor guy didn't stand a chance to begin with.

Hot nights, husbands and wives and 50 metres of Fairy lights are not a combo conducive to any kind of positive outcome. Not in our house. Not with me involved.

I came back after a few minutes. Of course I did! A true OCD could never leave someone else to set up their Christmas Tree.

In the end the tree was covered in lights, and with the left over length we went up and down and around both sets of the double doors to the deck, back again and around the tree a few more times for good measure.

In hindsight 50 metres of Christmas lights was probably a little excessive. But I got a bargain.

On another note, I decided that this would be the year I would make our own Christmas stockings. Spurred on by the fact our original stockings lovingly made by my mother had been attacked by silverfish whilst in storage. So I put these together with some Fabric I picked up at Spotlight. I was rather chuffed with myself when I finished and I think I may have even puffed my chest up as I showed the family.

You likey? I likey!

And of course, it would not be Christmas without the arrival of Alfred, our special Elf on a Shelf. He arrived on the eve of December and set about making himself right at home. He will be featuring regularly in my posts in the lead up to Christmas and you can also find his daily picture on my instagram feed.

Poor Alfie, he has become a bit of a dobbing board in that every time one of my boys annoys each other (like at least a couple of times an hour) they run to Alfie and dob on the culprit.
"Hey Alfie, you had better tell Santa that Flynn put my undies in the dog's water bowl".
"Hey Alfie, I think Santa would want to know that Sam hid the Wasabi nuts in his bedroom".
"Hey Alfie, Hey Alfie, Hey Alfie".......

He's a little bit mischievous our Alfred .... But I've got a feeling he is going to fit in very well around here.


With the decorations up it's official, Christmas is a happening. Its such a magical time when the twinkle lights are um der twinkling, excitement lingers in the air and anything that sounds remotely like the sound of Santa's sleigh doing its practice run, is enough to send the kids bolting to their beds at nighttime in the lead up to Christmas. They are always eager to earn a spot on the good boy list.

Man I LOVE this time of the year.

Do you celebrate Christmas in your family?
Are the decorations up and if so who does it - you or someone else, or is is a combined effort?
If it is a combined effort, are you still talking to each other?

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