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Monday, 14 January 2013

Some Totally Pretentious Holiday Mood Styling.

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There is no secret I am a bit of a homebody. Don't get me wrong, I love to get out and about but at the back of my mind is always the thought of 'how long til I can get home'?

I am comfy here. I can walk bare foot with my gut hanging out and no one cares that I have spilt my lunch on my shirt - again. I can snort when I laugh without fear of judgment and I can trip over and walk into walls as much as I like without any hint of public humiliation.

I am a natural foofer. My favourite way to procrastinate is to foof around the house. I move this vase to there and that wall hanging to here and swap those cushions with those ones. Then I stand back with my hands on my hips and take in the whole room. It's right about then by poor husband makes a run for it as after all these years he is very familiar with "The Look".

Out of interest I asked him to describe "The Look" in his own words and this is what he came up with.

"When Sonia is doing 'The Look' her tongue is sticking out of the side of her mouth, she stares at the furniture and then the space and then the furniture again. You can see her visually measuring things up and I know I am about to get hit up to move stuff. So I get out of there .... fast."

Ummmm good to know I am so predictable.

When I am home I like to create little spaces to sit and relax. I like to think of it as relaxation or holiday mood styling. What a wank huh? But I make no apologies for my wankiness.

I get inspired from reading my favourite housie magazines. I look at pages of beautiful homes and I can totally imagine myself sitting there drinking a cuppa or a cocktail. I get all dreamy and holiday moody, so then I go and foof the house so I can evoke that same dreamy feeling I had whilst I was looking at the magazine, but in my own home.

I style up a little area for an afternoon cocktail and some cheese, or a cool quiet scene for a morning cuppa and toast. I arrange a little oasis on the back deck for our family to enjoy dinner and I create little nooks to sit and read a magazine for a while.

Alright I know it is totally pretentious of me but I figure, why not make every day a special event. Why save it for only when you have guests coming over? It only takes a few minutes to shop your home and create a little escape. You are so worth it right!

I'm gonna go all teacher like on your arse and give you some homework. Today or tonight take 10 minutes to walk through your house, grab some of your favourite things and create yourself a special place for a meal. Put your feet up, pretend you are on holidays, soak it up and enjoy yourself. You can thank me later :)