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Monday, 21 January 2013

Starting School With Stuck On You AND a Giveaway

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Thank you for your entries and please see the bottom of this post if you would like to know who our winner was.

Thank you so much for supporting all of today's posts from some of my sponsors. I have one more to share with you today and this one is for Stuck on You.

So by now you know my baby is starting school in less than two weeks. Cue the uncontrollable sobbing .... from me.

He is excited, but nervous. I am a strung out bundle of emotion. He is a little clingier than normal and so am I. I want as many extra cuddles as he does and I am getting all nostalgic about the most insane things. I think he is ready, no I know he is. He asks a zillion questions and that hints at some insecurity but when you ask him if he is looking forward to it he says yes all totally full of bravado.

There are many things I worry about, I'm a mother I can come up with an endless supply of worries if you ask me too.

Will he make friends? Will he miss me? Will he be brave enough to go to the toilet if he needs to?

Will he hangout with his brothers or will he branch out and form his own relationships? Will he eat all his lunch at recess and be left hungry at lunchtime?

Will he be like his middle brother and lose everything if it is not attached to his bag or body? Or will he follow in the footsteps of his oldest brother and me by being totally anal about his belongings?

I guess we will find out soon enough.

My lovely sponsors Stuck on You were kind enough to send Flynn his very own personally labeled insulated lunch box and drink bottle. They have Kombies on them so they completely rock in his eyes.

We have been practicing getting lunch out of them and only taking fruit snacks for morning tea, saving his sandwich and treat for lunchtime. He's getting the hang of it and I am pretty sure I am most likely wasting a good worry on this one.

As for losing his stuff? Well we are giving him the best fighting chance possible with all of these cute name labels. Trust me - they will be stuck on everything, quite possible including arms and legs.

Stuck on You have an awesome deal on the Super Value Pack at the moment where you can get your own child a personalised lunch box, drink bottle, Bag Tag and 25 Designer Name Labels for only $49.95,

Total bargain and there are heaps of cute designs to choose from as always.

And the very generous team at Stuck on You want to give one of you guys a chance to win a $50 voucher so you can choose a Value Pack or Labels or anything from their fabulous range for your child.

All you need to do is LIKE Stuck on You on Facebook here and tell me why or why not - are you looking forward to your kids starting / going back to school.
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So tell me - are you or are you not looking forward to the big day?
What are you most nervous about?


Cathy Murray  4 days ago
My 3rd child (and my baby!) is starting 'big' school in just under 2 weeks and my eldest is going into her last year of Primary School! I have taken these last couple of weeks of the school holidays off work to just 'be' with them ... play UNO, ride scooters, walk the dogs, beach visits, play dates with cousins, movie afternoons, extra cuddles and lots of reassurances about new things - big school routines, new teachers, new sports etc etc. Back to school is bittersweet for me. I LOVE that they are growing up and experiencing and learning new skills, but I hate that they are growing up TOO GODDAMN FAST :/