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Monday, 4 February 2013

This Is Really Happening!

Pin It It is 10.03 pm as I write this post and it is the eve of a very big day. Tomorrow my baby starts school and I am a bundle of nerves.

As for Flynn, well he is doing ok and judging by the the thumping that sounds like a herd of elephants in a mosh pit that is above my head, he is still upstairs jumping around his bedroom.

He's too excited and nervous to sleep, but he plays it very cool if you ask him and he tells me he just cant sleep because his legs arent sleepy. Go figure.

He has been down at least 4 times since we put him to bed at 8.30pm. He was bathed and fed before we read a story snuggled up in his bed together. He yawned the whole way through the book and I was sure he would be out in minutes.

But that kid has a bucket full of excuses that never run out. "I need a drink", "I'm just checking you are ok", I just need to comb my hair for school tomorrow", and "I just heard Santa". They are just a few of the doozies we have heard as he procrastinates going to sleep.

Tonight's excuse is the butterflys in his tummy and I totally get that one, because I have them too.

Tomorrow I send my baby out into the big world. For the best part of his day someone else will be in charge of protecting him and caring for him. Someone else will make sure he eats his lunch and they will open the lid on his yogurt when his little fingers just can't get it started.

Someone else will give him words of encouragement when he struggles with something and they will be the one to congratulate him on his triumphs.

It wont be me keeping an eye on him as he plays because someone else will be in charge of his safety and will soothe him when he does his usual party trick and trips over his own feet.

Whilst I can give him a big hug before he leaves and tell him I love him, someone else will need to offer the reassuring words he wants to hear throughout the day.

He is ready for this, so ready.

I think I am ready for this too.... kind of .... not really.

But ready or not this is happening. Big school is happening.

My three babies are all at school together and I am proud as punch.

Now if you'll please excuse me, I have some sobbing to do. If anyone needs be I'll be the sniffling one in the corner watching the clock and asking is it home time yet?

Did your baby start school this year?
How are you coping?