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Friday, 22 February 2013

I'm a Zanax Free Ninja Knitting Nanna

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So the knitting is coming along well....... at least I think so! You may recall a few weeks ago I decided it was time I bit the bullet and finally learned how to knit.

I have been madly knitting away like a Ninja Nanna. Click Clack, Click Clack. I swear it is an awesome alternative to Zanax. Not that there is anything wrong with Zanax, but I tend to drool a lot when I am medicated, and I see monkeys...... I digress.

Knitting has done wonders for me, especially when it comes to refining my concentration skills. I can totally zone out and become completely absorbed in the knit one purl one routine. The noise that is the kids killing each other over who is going to earn the most money as a Professional Skateboarder is nothing but a mildly dull droning in the background.

The husband gets a little cranky at me from time to time. He is jealous of my knitting and I think he may feeling slightly neglected.

I should probably make sure I actually listen to what he is saying every now and then, because even though I throw in a mindless laugh or a nod when he clearly is looking for some kind of response from me, and even though that mindless laugh is usually suffice on at least on 9 out of 10 occasions, there is the odd occasion I really should pay a little more attention. Like when he tells me he is about to buy yet another surfboard on Ebay.

He has also made it very clear that no matter how much I try to convince him otherwise, knitting is NOT sexy in bed.

I'd like to say Knitting is my mid life crisis. It sounds nice and sedate as far as midlife crises go don't you think? But I really need the mid life crisis excuse to explain my recent frenzied online shopping sprees and my newly bulging wardrobe.

My children, whilst they originally joined me in my enthusiasm for knotting wool on some sticks are no longer quite so enthusiastic. They think I look a bit like a crazy woman when I am knitting and I stare at them with my 'I'm here but we both know I'm not really here' smile. My youngest says it scares him because he thinks a zombie may have eaten my brain.
Mental note *Letting a 5 year old watch his brothers play Call Of Duty whilst I quickly finish a few rows, is clearly not an ideal parenting technique.

The good news (for me anyway) is I now have something to occupy me whilst I sit at all their sports training sessions. I had 2 whole hours of uninterrupted knitting time at Karate last Saturday morning and as long as I do a thumbs up every now and then to show I can totally focus on my knitting AND my kids fancy new Karate moves, I think it is a win win for all.

Rugby training is a different story. The other evening I sat in my car reading a new knitting book I had picked up for myself and practicing some stitches. I wasn't totally unsociable, I did speak to people when they came up to the car AND I even stopped counting stitches to join in a few conversations through my car window.

My oldest son wasn't so happy with me though.

"Mummmmm, Do you HAVE to knit?" He moaned at me

"Geez it's so embarrassing" he continued before hitting me with "Why cant you just talk and drink wine like all the normal mums do at football training".

Sheesh - a woman just cant catch a break.

Next week I will make sure I take my knitting AND a glass of wine to Football Training, you know just to keep the kids happy and everything........

What is something you do that your kids find completely embarrassing?