Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Free Sight Word Bingo Download - Updated

When Bron shared my Sight word Bingo game on Kidspot yesterday along with some fabulous other tools to use if you are currently in the middle of the nightmare known as teaching your kids their Sight Words, it reminded me I never got around to sharing the rest of the Bingo cards with you.

So here you go. Just simply click on the download link and it will download the Bingo cards in a PDF format for you.

Oh and Good Luck!


Print off the various Sight Word Bingo sheets. I have included the first 20 lists of words from the Australian Curriculum aimed for Kindergarten / Prep kids.

Laminate the sheets or cover them in contact if you haven't yet fallen victim to the laminating craze (trust me - eventually you will).

You will also need a whiteboard marker and an egg timer.


Sit down one moaning child down on their backside and reassure them with an appropriate bribe. 

Read through all the sight words on the sheet with your child first, pointing at them and getting him / her to repeat them to you.

Now set the timer for 2-5 minutes and begin calling out the words to your child.

The aim is they have to find those words on their sheet and circle them. They have to find as many words as they can before the timer goes off.

If they are struggling to find a word, just say pass and move on to the next word.

The idea is every time they play they need to beat their last score until they can find ALL the correct words before the timer goes off.

Again bribery and rewards will come in handy to keep them motivated.