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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Day Cupid's Arrow

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You know what a sucker I am for love and how I am one big mushy gushy sopmeister right?

Well if you didn't consider yourself officially enlightened.

I don't just limit the Valentine's Day gushing to the love of my life. No siree, I prefer to spread the joy to the offspring that I created with the love of my life.

Read between the lines and you'll see a mum who will run with any excuse to a: Get crafting b: Spread the love c: Embarrass my boys d: Embarrass my boys.

You've got the idea right? Right.

Whilst I know that there is not a chance in hell that my boys will use these cute little Cupid's arrow pencils in class, I am kind of pinning my luck on the cringe factor coming when they find these attached to a little parcel in their school bag and unable to resist they open it front of their friends.

Oh I can gloating in anticipation already.

Here's how you can throw together your own little Cupid's arrows for your kids this Valentine's Day.

Gather your supplies together cause you will need a couple of raw pencils you van draw on. I like these ones from Kmart because they are $2 bucks for a whole pack of them. Bargain!
You'll also be needing some washi tape, some printed paper, a fine tip black marker, glue and scissors.

Decorate your pencils with washi tape and / or your black felt pen. Get creative and don't worry because it doesn't need to be perfect in anyway shape or form - rustic is good with arrows.

Cut your arrow template out of card and use it to trace three feathers per pencil.

After cutting out your feather ends, apply some glue to the back of them as well as to the ends of your pencils and stick the three pieces together onto your pencil ends 3 dimension-ally..... I hope that makes sense.

Finally cut some strips into the feather ends to make them look all feathery... or as feathery as you can make paper feathers look.

Now you can add them to a little gift (my boys are getting Smiggles notepads and chocolate hearts all wrapped in brown paper stamped and with red love hearts and black arrows for added effect). Secretly plonk them in their school bag on Friday morning (Valentine's Day) so they won't find it until they get to school.

Then sit back and rub your hands together - you did good mama! Your kids will either be loving them sick or cringing in embarrassment in front of their friends whilst secretly loving them on the inside.

Either way it's a winner!

Do you love to embarrass your kids as much as I do? 
Please tell me you do so that I don't feel completely evil ;)