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Monday, 17 February 2014

Everyone Loves a Tart!

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Our weekday dessert menu for the kids don't typically get much more exciting than some sliced up bananas and custard, a bowl of yoghurt or an icy pole.

They don't complain.... much, but then they do beg me every now and then for something a little more exciting.

The simple fact of the matter is I'm lazy when it comes to cooking desert, actually I'm not a fan of the whole cooking dinner thing full stop so you want something exciting for desert? Bahahaha.

I'm happy to spend a bit of time making something fancy pants on weekends when sports practise, homework and shepherding three kids into bed on time doesn't takes up every last skerrick of energy the day hasn't already drained from me, but even then I will always go for the quick and easy option.

For the life of me I just can't get my head around cooking for hours for a herd of boys who literally hoover it all up in minutes. The least they could do is chew each mouthful 50 damn times and sigh a lot right in unashamed bliss? Right! So glad you agree with me ;)

And so today I bring you my fellow under appreciated chefs, a quick desert that you can make in less than 10 minutes... even on a weekday... with a baby or toddler attached to your leg. NO bull!

I promise this is not one of those, oh this is just so easy and you can whisk it up blindfolded with a baby on the hip and a conference call to China running on your speaker phone blah blah blah kind of recipes where you are lied to from step 1 because the whole thing is freaking impossible unless you have spent years in cooking school. This is seriously that easy.

I have neither the energy nor the heart to lead you down the garden path so you are just going to have to trust me on this and just make it OK? OK!

*Please excuse the crappy iPhone image of my tart but it did not last long enough to be photographed properly.