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Monday, 24 February 2014

I Have Man Flu AND Issues...

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My caring sharing youngest child recently decided that his stinking head cold was far too good to keep to himself and so he decided to pass it on to me to also enjoy.

Friday night saw me in a right old state fighting the first fever I have had in years and years. It wasn't exactly the Friday night I had planned when I headed out that morning to buy some sushi and prawns to make a romantic dinner for the hubby and I.

Bless him though, the dear man sent me to bed that night and served me my prawns and sushi on a plate with a side of Panadol and then went back downstairs to attempt to keep our generous little darlings as quiet as possible so I could sweat and shiver and moan in peace.

Saturday morning arrived and although we had broken the fever the first tell tale signs of a head cold were saying hello and again my hubby insisted I go back to bed and rest.

Now a sane person would not have thought twice about taking him up on the offer.

A sane person would have grabbed the remote control, a pile of mags and run before the offer is withdrawn.

Sane I am clearly not.

Nope, instead of making the most of a genuine offer to rest and recuperate I instead decided to get up and rid the house of all the unseen germs. The bleach was in hand as I worked my way from room to room annihilating those disease spreading bugs from every possible surface.

I held back from disinfecting the children, but I'd be lying if I said that a Pine-o-clean dip wasn't seriously considered.

Once the sterilisation procedure was completed I set about vacuuming the house, sorting out the office, cleaning out the pantry, rearranging nick knacks and mopping the floors. I was as good as possessed by an urgent need to clean everything.

But before you go laying praise on me for my unselfish act of martyrdom, this was not something I did out of love or devotion. The fact of the matter is I am really just a germ phobic nut job doing what she does best... being a germ phobic nut job.

My gorgeous dad delivered a huge pot of homemade chicken noodle soup (thanks Daddy) and with the germs running from the house squealing like little girls and my belly full of flu fighting hot stuff I awoke on Sunday feeling very smug in the fact that it seemed I had beaten the bug.

I even went so far as to celebrate my victory with a couple of Gin and Tonics by the pool.

Cocky huh!

Tonight the smugness has been wiped from my face and replaced with red eyes, a runny nose and a constant reminder every time I sneeze of exactly how weak my pelvic floor is.

I have man flu and as you know man flu is sooooo much worse than a head cold *ahem*.

Worse still is the fact that I have man flu in a week that is ham packed full of commitments and there is a nada chance in hell of me retreating to bed and resting with a Foxtel marathon.

Why the hell didn't I take the offer when it was on the table? What is freaking wrong with me?

Whinge over.

Have you got any miracle head cold cures I could try?
Do you go on a germ blitzing cleaning frenzy when you are sick instead of resting?