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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

DIY Neon Wall Art

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If there is one thing I need to have in every room in our house - it is wall art.

You know, something pretty to stare at when my fingers are in my ear and to drone out the noise and I'm pretending that my family is quiet and restrained. Considering my family is totally the opposite of quiet and restrained that means that there is a whole lot of finger in the ear action going on from my end and a helluva lot of wall staring.

The problem with this is I get bored with looking at the same thing for too long so I like to change the artwork up every now and then.

Throw in problem number two which is a lack of funds to buy all the gorgeous artwork I see available around the traps and we have a dilemma. Or I have a dilemma, you don't, you're just along for the ride for the sake of this post.

So what does one do when you have a love of wall art and a lack of funds?

You get creating for yourself.

As you know we have been busy making over our dining room and after a few more finishing touches I will reveal that room to you soon. In the meantime, I needed some new artwork to go with the new wall colour as the other combo was making my eyes sore looking at it.

My infatuation with colour continues and I'm still lusting all over neon at the moment, so I decided to grab my brightest neon paints and get to work creating a colour explosion!

I often here people say "Oh I'm not creative - I couldn't do this".

Head smack - for real? Of course you can!

Seriously, creating your own artwork does not need to be difficult. All you need to do is get inspired, keep it simple and just give it a go.

There is nothing difficult about these canvases I painted. The dot painting was inspired by my super funky and fabulous friend Jayde after she told me about the large confetti art she was doing for her store window.

I used a roll of masking tape and traced a whole stack of circles onto the canvas - you could totally use a bowl or anything to trace your circles, I just happened to have a roll of masking tape handy and was too lazy to get up and get anything else. Once you have drawn your circles, it's just a matter of painting them in with acrylic paints.

Painting something as simple as this is sooo therapeutic. Especially if you do whilst sitting in your PJs on a Saturday night with a cup of Mummy's Coping cordial to keep you company.

The second canvas was inspired by one of our favourite family sayings - "How much do you love me? To the moon and back and back again".

I used tape to make straight lines as a guide to paint the letters within, but don't get too fussy with the neatness of your lettering. Imperfect is totally perfect in my opinion.

I brought a whole stack of blank canvases in bulk over a year ago on eBay with the intention of painting and selling them. Buying in bulk meant I picked up these big canvases for about $40 bucks each which is a bargain!

I never actually got around to painting them all so the canvases now sit in my garage waiting for inspiration to hit me.

If you aren't overly keen on painting them - you could simply cover them in some cool fabric like I did here.

So are you keen to give it a go and let your inner Picasso run free?
I'd love to see what you create.