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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Neon Paint Dipped Chairs

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I start getting a little panicky around this time of the year knowing that winter is creeping up on us and all.

I'm so not a winter person. I much prefer sunshine and cocktails, day light savings and night time swims.... but then I go and spend a little time on Pinterest looking at pictures of cosy fireplaces, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, chunky woolen cardies and bed socks and then I start to come around to the idea.

Nah just kidding. I can't stand winter and in protest of Summer ending and Day light savings also about to say bye bye, I am throwing brightly coloured neon paint on anything I can get my hands on.

Take for example these bargain Ivar chairs from IKEA.

$39 bucks! For reals!

See what I mean - totally a pump your fist in the air kind of bargain.

We've had ours for a while now and I painted them white ages ago. But this week they happened to come between me and a couple of tubes of Neon paint and well now they are fabulously embellished in bright neon colours. Ready to brighten our cold winter nights they are!

They look like the legs have been dipped in paint, hence the Neon Paint dipped title I gave them. But you and me both know that I am far to anal retentive to go dipping chair legs into a bucket of paint... just the thought of the mess makes me shudder.

Sooo technically speaking these are my Neon painted chair legs.

Things are looking much brighter around her already.

You keen to give it a go?
Are you a fan of the colder months or are you mourning the end of Summer?