Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Once Upon A Time There Was a Neurotic Neat Freak

Once upon a Time there was a neurotic clean freak.... and that freak will be played by me in this story OK?

You did know how totally neurotic I am about my home didn't you?

Well if you didn't you do now!

I am totally OK with other people's messes, just not my own. So much so that I cannot even begin to think about working, cooking, watching TV or lying on the couch doing nothing more constructive than flicking through a magazine imagining my furniture and stuff in other peoples homes, without having the space around me in some kind of reasonable order.

Which when you think about it, could actually be a good neurosis to have if I am in one of my can't be assed moods, as I could just let the house go to the dogs and then claim insanity when I'm questioned why there isn't any dinner or a deadline isn't met.

I think this condition of mine is a result of a traumatic childhood experience, where I once watched my mother fall to the floor, a completely shattered woman who was unable to speak or move from the fetal position.

The cause of her awful distress? My bedroom.

I had a cleaner once to help me control my issues and Ohhhhh - she was divine. I loved her, wanted to marry her or at least have her adopt me or move her in as some kind of in law.

I also have cleaning charts.... I know right. My life is seriously SO exciting *ahem*.

Anyways, I am over at Kidspot sharing my neurosis I mean cleaning charts and devotion to keeping a tidy home in part of a weekly series dedicated to umm ...my devotion to keeping a tidy home.

Come on - we all have our things!

Pop on over if you are inspired or simply fascinated by my weirdness. Either or.