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Monday, 1 September 2014

There Is No Place Like It

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I have come to the conclusion that I am quite literally full of hot air.

I rabbit on about craving a little break on my own and yet when push comes to shove and I get that opportunity, I find that I am basically all talk and bravado.

I had my few days away at ProBlogger over the weekend and by day two I was homesick and seriously missing my midgets and my man like no-ones business.

Can you believe it? There I was in an insanely cool hotel getting to meet up with so many insanely awesome like minded people and one single Face time session with the tribe at home and I came undone.

Ten minutes of mad rambling about all the news from home was all it took. Ten minutes of the kids fighting with each other over who gets to hold the iPad and tell Mum their news first and a hunky hubby patiently hovering in the back ground for his turn to speak and holy Christmas nuts I wanted to click my heels and be there with them to hear all their news in person.

How much stuff can happen when one is away for three days?

Clearly a lot!

One child can get his much longed for pen license and get his melon fair and square in the newspaper clutching his team ball mid tackle.

Another child loses two teeth in two days and is forgotten about by the tooth fairy... two nights in a row. (bad weather meant *ahem* that the the flying conditions apparently weren't very safe for fairies).

A third man/child decides he is going to be all mature and responsible like and help manage the other kids and the husband goes and gets even spunkier whilst I'm gone!

Clearly a bucket load can happen when one is off on a break.

Yep. I'm all talk.

The idea of getting away sounds good to me in theory, but the reality is that if my tribe aren't with me then there is no where I would rather be than home with them.

How about you - Do you get impossibly homesick for your tribe or do you truly 
welcome some time to yourself?