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Friday, 12 September 2014

Weekend Rewind - 12 Projects To Inspire You

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Well pickle me polka dots we have arrived at the weekend and I for one am STOKED. This is the first weekend since February we do not have any kid's sports on and all I can think about is sleeping in tomorrow morning.

I know I'm very spoiled rotten having a hubby who simply cannot sleep in no matter how hard he tries, and so we figured early on in our marriage that since I am not a morning person, we won't let that sleep in go to waste - I'll take it!

Alright so maybe I decided and he agreed.

Semantics really.

Our Mambo man Sam finished up the rugby season with a grand final win under his belt last weekend so we have gone out on a high. Now touch football, basketball and summer soccer starts but it's all weekday stuff - that's totally doable cause it means our weekends our ours again... at least until Feb.

I don't know about you but Friday nights in Spring and Summer are hands down my most fave time of the week.

The work week is done, the whole weekend lies ahead of us and there is no arguing over bed times with kids for two whole nights. Bottle that feeling and we would be squillionaires.

This weekend I intend on getting stuck into some gardening and some crafty projects as well as making some diabetic inducing food before the diet starts on Monday.

Nothing like the final supper before a diet? Diet *shudder* the word makes me itchy but it has to be done as I have totally overindulged this winter - BIG time.

To get my creative juices flowing I have rounded up 12 of the projects that include craft, cooking and cocktails from some of my fave creative blogs this past week. Man there are a whole bunch of clever clogs out there in blogland aren't there!

A clear weekend full of cooking, craft and cocktails. I'm feeling giddy already. I tell you... SQUILLIONAIRES we would be if we could bottle this Friday night joy.

Speaking of joy - a certain spunky pocket rocket happens to be turning 30 today. My gorgeous pal and namesake Sonia (Sonia Styling) is celebrating the big 30 so please be sure to pop on over and join me in wishing her the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY like ever EVER!

Happy Weekend Lovelies, I hope you have a fabulous one whatever you are doing!

Have you finished weekend sports or do you go year round?
What do you plan on getting up to this weekend?

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