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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Join Us For Dinner At My Place And WIN!

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This post is brought to you by Coles

For far too long, Carl and I have put weeknight entertaining into the too hard basket.

I mean, most of us are knackered once we get home from work and all the after school activities

And lets not even talk about the homework that needs to be done, the fact that the house could use a really good magician to tidy it up and Mt Washmore is looming insidiously in the corner threatening to swallow a whole room.

I couldn't possibly invite anyone around on a weeknight could I?

Problem is, when there are kids in the family, weekends can be just as busy as the week days, and if you wait for the right time to invite friends or family to join you for a meal, you could be waiting as long as it takes for the stars and planets to align or my kids to tidy their bedrooms.

Ummmm that would be like forever!

Dinner is a daily battle in many households, and ours is no exception. As if finding meal solutions that the kids will eat and meals that fit within my weekly grocery budget isnt enough, throw a couple of extra dinner guests into the mix, kids with questionable table manners (that would be MY kids), and my stress levels would be starting to rise and Id have that really obnoxious twitch I get in my left eye going on.

But it doesn't need to be that hard. In fact, it doesn't need to be hard at all.

Surely I jest?

Honestly, I love it when we are invited to familys home for dinner on a weeknight, especially if it is a casual and relaxed affair. I truly enjoy seeing how other families do their evenings and I love soaking up the atmosphere and feeling like I am a part of their family, for just a night.

I don't care if their house is messy and noisy, that the toilet hasn't been cleaned or that the meal is super simple. It makes me feel ... more normal and I enjoy being a part of someone else's chaos for a while.

I have a thing for communal meals. You know, plates of food passed from one person to the next and the lively chatter as everyone speaks over the top of each other. It always looked so appealing on the Brady Bunch and in the pages of Kinfolk magazine.

OK, so if it doesn't have to be perfect at anyone else's house, then why the hell have I wasted so long thinking that my friends and family wouldn't feel the same way about joining the chaos at our house for a weeknight meal?

Dinner neednt be fussy and time consuming.  haha I hear you laugh. The truth is the toughest critics are usually the kids, so focusing on making something easy that they will actually makes a whole load of sense to me.

Whilst we are on the subject of easy, in my humble opinion, there is nothing better than an all hands on deck kind of approach to making dinner, where friends and family feel right at home and work side by side with you in the kitchen, having a laugh and preparing the meal together.

There I go with the romanticism again!

Anyway, I was cooking with my Dad yesterday so come and join my family (all be it virtually) for an easy week day meal at our house. Were having Roasted Pork Belly, Peri Peri Chicken portions and our fave Karen Martini Cous Cous Salad.

And whilst you are at it - enter at the end of this post to win a $50 Coles voucher so that you can invite some friends around to your joint for dinner!

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Chicken that is pre cut and marinated, pork that you can basically whack in a pan and roast - Hell Yes! I will ALWAYS take the easy option.

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Over at the Coles website and there are literally thousands of recipes to help you take advantage of the weekly meat and veg specials, and plan meals that come with a clean plate stamp of approval from your whole family.

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Heres five meals I have bookmarked for next time I have guests on a weeknight for dinner.. because I am you know. Im not wasting any more time when it comes to catching up with friends and family.

 Want to win a $50 voucher so you can invite some friends around to dinner at your house?

All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me about what kind of chaos and craziness goes on at your house at dinner time?

Competition is open now and closes 26/10/14 at 7pm AEST

Australian residents only sorry.

Winner will be chosen on their skill and creativity and ability to make me appreciate my own chaos!