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Monday, 8 December 2014

A Dubai Desert Safari

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Last night I had one of those truly incredible breath stealing moments in life. 

You know what I am talking about? 

Those moments where you find yourself so completely and utterly speechless, unable to do anything but attempt to comprehend what is happening around you.

This whole trip has been a pinch me now experience. One show-stopping moment after another with barely enough time between for my senses to recover before BAM I am face to face with yet another mind-blowing scene.

Last night was the Platinum Heritage Desert Safari and it was hands down the highlight of this incredible trip to Dubai… so far. 

Hells Bells, it was literally one of the highlights thus far in my WHOLE . FREAKING . LIFE!

I rode a camel in the Arabian Desert people. This kind of stuff just does not normally happen in my quiet suburban mum of three life. 

And yet incredibly… it SO did.

I’ll be honest with you, I was so tired yesterday as we boarded the bus for the 55 km journey from Downtown Dubai to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. 

Tired, hormonal and somewhat emotional too. 

But as the glitz and the glamour of the gigantic city buildings disappeared from our view and were replaced by baron planes of sand broken intermittently by old broken stone buildings and herds of camels, my hormonal haze began to lift and as I stared out the bus window I felt a distinctive buzz rush through me for what we were about to do.

I had dreamed about this. 

I have imagined what it would be like over and over again in my mind.

That said, nothing in my imagination could have ever have prepared me enough for the overwhelming wonder that hit me when we actually reached our desert destination and saw the vintage open top Land Rovers that were parked and waiting to whisk us off into the dunes.

Before we climbed in the rovers, our heads were wrapped with a traditional Bedouin headscarf to protect us from sand and hair flying in our faces. 

And then we were off, hooning up and over those dunes like a boss. 

A Bedouin boss none the less!

Eventually we reached our first stop - a camp set up with Persian rugs and cushions and we sipped on cold sparkling apple juice whilst watching a falconry demonstration.

As the sun set like one gigantic fireball on one side of the desert, an equally impressive full moon rose on the other. 

I had no words…. literally NO WORDS. 

Just one big goofy smile on my dial, the whole time.

Once the sun disappeared it was back into the vehicles again and we roared off into the darkness. 

Eventually we arrived at what I can only describe as an oasis. 

As far as the eyes could see was nothing but black and then suddenly… there is this Bedouin camp rising up in front of us and once again I found myself both breathless and utterly speechless.

I rode my first camel EVER that night. Oh yes I did.

And I laughed myself stupid the whole flipping time because HELLO … 


On a Camel! 

In the Arabian Desert!

We ate dinner under the stars, sitting on carpets and cushions with Arabian music and dancers to entertain us. We dined on lentil soup and traditional aperitifs and there was chicken and even camel offered to the gamer among us.

Everyone lounged on cushions, puffing on the Sheesha and laughing at how surreal the whole experience was.

Seriously, none of us could really believe this was actually happening to us.

At one stage I wandered outside of the camp and stood back at a distance taking it all in... and I cried. 

Yep I cried like one big overgrown baby and not because I was sad or because I was missing my boys and my hubby… 

I cried because this was seriously one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced in life and I cried because no matter how much I tried to take it all in, it was just so much bigger than me, than you, than any of us … and the enormity of that in itself was such an incredibly beautiful thing.

If you are ever in Dubai, or planning even a stop over and can stay manage to stay even just one night,… get yourself onto this Desert Safari

I promise you - t is seriously a life changer and no words of photos of mine could ever POSSIBLY do it justice.

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