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Thursday 29 January 2015

When a Fellow Blogger Achieves Something Pretty Darn Special

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Congratulations and much love to the winners Leigh has chosen;

Charlie Hughes

This book sounds just what I need to read. I lost my Mum in Sept 2011 to cancer and can so relate to the transformation that takes place. It's a tough journey but one you do survive. I'm not sure if this competition giveaway is open worldwide as I'm in the UK, however my fondest memories of my Mum have probably got to be our shopping trips together. We would go off for the day and shop, lunch, laugh, cry, and just absorb ourselves in the moment together. We'd return armed with bags of bits she'd treated me to. I have this vivid memory of us arm in arm, smiling and happy. Brings a tear to my eyes just thinking about it xx Huge Congratulations on the book Leigh. I'm sure it will be an important support to many and I'm hoping we will be able to get hold of it in the UK xx

Mel Jenkinson

I have no memories of my mum but in my mind she is the answer to all the things I have ever missed, the filler of all the gaps in my life and the keeper of answers I will never know. My mum ,as I envisage is brave, smart and loving. She is kind, she loves me for who I am. My 'imaginary' mum probably would never live up to any real mother but that's one benefit of being able to daydream.

 Don't you just love it when a fellow blogger smacks a goal and achieves a dream of theirs?

I do.

It's one of those things that makes me go all "Yes! YES!!" and start fist pumping the air like no mans business and that's exactly how I felt when I heard about Leigh's book being released today.

‘Perhaps the only thing that can impact and shape a woman’s life with the same power as her mother’s love and guidance is her mother’s death.'

In her book Without My Mum, Leigh Van Der Horst shares her own honest, heartfelt story of losing her beloved mother to cancer in 2008. 

She invites us on a journey that is at times heartbreaking and others heartwarming, yet is ultimately comforting and inspiring. With genuine warmth and candor, Leigh tells of her transformative passage through devastating grief to rediscover and redefine her own identity.

Without My Mum reveals the sisterhood amongst motherless mothers. Featuring stories from mothers around the world, Without My Mum offers resounding reassurance that no motherless mother is ever alone. Leigh Van Der Horst further reaches out to her motherless ‘sisters’ supported by contributions of motherly wisdom from a collection of encouraging mothers world wide together with a host of inspiring popular personalities such as Jools Oliver, Lisa Wilkinson, Megan Gale, Amanda de Cadenet and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

The motherless mother’s heart needs to know that she can and will move through grief to reclaim a fulfilling, grateful and loving life. Without My Mum addresses this need by providing a definitive source of emotional and practical resources specifically for women dealing with the loss of their mum.’

Here is what Jool's Oliver had to say about Leigh's book.

You can purchase Leigh's book Without My Mum from here and to celebrate her book being published today, Leigh would like two of you guys to win a copy for yourselves. 

To enter simply tell me your favourite memory you have of your own Mum. Leigh will choose two winners on Sunday 8th Feb after 7pm AEST

Congratulations Leigh - Man I love seeing bloggers doing such awesome things!