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Thursday 23 April 2015

Caravanning In Style

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I have a dream.

Sheesh, I sound like I am trying to be Martin Luther King but without even a hint of the virtuous and honourable traits that great man had.

My dream is far more shallow than his.

Like WORLDS apart!

My dream (just one among many dreams) is to have a caravan that I can makeover. A funky little (or ot so little) van that I can deck out and park in my garden between holidays as a place I can hide out in whenever I feel like running away from home... which just so we are clear is not all THAT frequently, but enough that I would certainly get my return on investment.

Nothing too fancy (ahahaha). 

A little airstream would do me just fine thank you very much. 

My caravan would have a lock on the inside to keep munchkins out and me in, a really clear wifi signal,a super comfy bed and a gin deck.

It would be white and bright and packed to the inch with super cool furnishings.

This particular caravan I stumbled across on the interwebs when I was doing a little time wasting research would work for me. 

No really, it would totally be suffice.

Oh sweet baby cheeses - can you image owning something like this uber cool caravan which was a collaboration between Caravanolic and Viceversa Interior?

I reckon with one of these in my backyard, I could also achieve one of my other dreams of being a calmer more serene kind of individual.

In fact I reckon I could pretty much be one of the most zen mum on this planet if I owned one of these.

Feast your weary eyes upon this baby you guys.

Not too shabby huh?

I'd even be willing to take the family on a little camping trip in my glampervan... if they were super nice to me.

Do you know, despite all my gushing about owning and doing up a caravan, I have never actually camped in a caravan before?

No bull! Never in my whole life!

I think I would be good at it.

No I'm pretty sure I would freaking rock it!.

Of course my happy camper, I'm not a caravan snob or anything. I wouldn't be opposed to a little tent like this in the back yard either. ;)

 Do you have an air stream you need taking off your hands?
I'd be more than willing to help you out.