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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Creating A Cosy Night At Home

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Let’s face it; I am a cold weather wuss.  I figure why brave the elements when I can don my wooly socks, crank up the natural gas heater, have a hot bubble bath and then settle down for the night for some serious snuggling with whoever promises not to put their cold feet on me.

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Now that it is so cold outside I have been officially nicknamed Hermott McDermott, and that’s OK, I’ll just fire up the natural gas heating till I am snug as a bug and I’ll happily hibernate at home until the temperature climbs back up to T ‘Shirt degrees.

As far as I am concerned, there is no better way to spend our weekends than to treat ourselves to a cosy night in, and Saturday nights in our house is just one big old Pyjama party, complete with movies and games and a bucket load of popcorn.

The simpler the better is my motto to a cosy night at home, but that being said, a good party needs a basic plan that includes a few key essentials and enough supplies and entertainment to keep the troops from getting bored and turning the slumber party into a scene from the WWE championships.

Movie Night at Home
Set the Scene.
We have a mattress that we lay on the family room floor and we pile it up with pillows and blankets and this is where we will nest for the night. 

We can all lounge in comfort to play our games or watch our movies and it has the added bonus of you being able to leave sleeping kids where they fall asleep, and head off to bed yourself without having to make the squid over the shoulder upstairs trek.

Get Comfy.
Have everyone take a nice hot shower or a relaxing soak in a bath first and then don the PJs and fluffy bed socks. You have to be comfy – no ifs or buts.

Organise Your Snacks.
In my humble opinion, you cannot go wrong with a mug of hot chockie, a bowl full of Maltesers and a bucket of popcorn. I like to make our popcorn the original way – by popping it in a saucepan over the gas cook top and then smothering it in hot melted butter and sea salt.

Movie Night Snacks
Choose a Movie or Game
We alternate between movie night and games nights, depending on everyone’s moods. We are a competitive bunch here and our games nights can drag on well past the kids bedtimes, but we figure meh… it’s the weekend and all that.

Some of our fave games at the moment include Pictionary, Monopoly and the Logo Game and we found for us, it is better to work in teams to make it fair for the little guys.

Games Night at home
As for movies, well thankfully we are past the Wiggles and the Night Garden and so our boys can generally settle on a movie that we are all going to enjoy watching.

Have a Back Up Plan… (for You)
Occasionally the kids pick a movie that either bores me to tears, or we have seen approximately 781 times and truth be told - I would rather pluck my eyelashes than sit through it again.

No worries beef curries – I generally have a good book as my back up and honestly, the kids don’t care. They will give me a running commentary anyway and as long as the hubby and I are snuggling with them whilst the movie is on, they are happy to let me read.

Snuggle in Front of the Fire Place
Oh that’s right, we don’t have one… damn it. It is on my ultimate wish list though.
Whilst I am incredibly grateful for our portable gas heater that keeps us snug as bugs, it’s just not quite as romantic as the vision I have of us all snuggling around a fireplace – drinking red wine (the grownups not the kids of course) and talking to each other without having to compete with the sound from the TV.

I’m not fussy… much. An open gas fire in a clean room with clean white walls and clean unstained furniture like the one below will do me just fine thank you very much.


It is a vision!

white gas fireplace
Image source - escea

We are totally sold on Gas heating in our house.

Apart from the fact that gas gives you the control to heat your home fast and efficiently, you are not bound by peak and off peak periods, so you can use your gas appliances whenever you want without having to worry about paying more at certain times of the day.

Natural gas produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than other energy options, which is totally a good thing as far as our environment is concerned.

The more natural gas appliances you have the more cost efficient having natural gas in your home becomes, so don’t forget to consider all the natural gas appliances available to you including indoor and outdoor heating, pool heating, gas ovens and clothes dryers and your typical hot water and cooking appliances.

For more information on Natural Gas and how gas can help run your home more efficiently – visit the website here.

What gas appliances do you have in your home?
Do you have a fireplace I can come and lounge in front of? 
I come with Maltesers!