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Friday 7 August 2015

Come Inside and I'll show you Around - Weekend Rewind

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This week I started out with the bestest of intentions.

I was going to go to bed early every night, I was going to only eat healthy stuff, and have at least 4 alcohol free days. 

Let’s not forget the fact that I had full intentions of blogging every day too.

Ahhh Intentions. 

They’re a funny thing those little suckers aren't they?!

I for one like ‘intentions’.  

Yep I'm all for them.

They give you a little direction and help you feel like you are on a path, but then everyone knows they come with a big fat loop hole in which you can totally crawl out though if things don't quite go according to plan… because you know - they were only intentions and nothing actually carved in concrete or anything.

The reality of how my intentions played out was more this;  

I got sick again on Monday and so I spent this week sucking on a whole load of Coke slushies to numb my sore throat. I ate a lot of cheese, I mean A LOT of cheese, because cheese is soft and soft is good when you don't feel well. Oh and I did have one night off from the G&Ts but that really was only because I couldn't swallow anything with all the razor blades stuck in my neck and the other nights I was figuring the gin was kind of like an antiseptic for my throat. 

Healthy eating and no drinking? 

Nailed it… not!

As for going to bed early… I did manage to do that most nights. 

The call of the electric blanket and a soft pillow was completely irresistible to my cranky head... but the fact that I stayed up until all hours watching recorded episodes of the Bachelor, Housewives and River Cottage Australia, probably negated any benefit of being in bed early.

And then the blogging. 

Ahh yes, the old ‘I’ll be sure to get back into a blogging routine this week’ chestnut huh. 

Let’s just say I’m playing the loop hole card for this week and planning on doing better next week.

In my defense (cause now I'm feeling all irresponsible and defensive) it was a rather big week and partially explains the head full of bricks I have. 

We officially opened DTLL Workshops and Crossroading and we also held two dream catcher workshops which were an absolute blast. We were so happy to welcome a fabulous bunch of gals Kim, Babs, Robyn and Sammie and also finally meet the gorgeous Shannon in person too. 

If you are ever in the area do come in and say hello OK, and just a word up - on Friday afternoons there is generally a bottle of wine or two open. Not that I am enabling wine drinking and all that… I’m just saying… you know, in case you are feeling dehydrated and need a pit stop.

I have some long overdue pictures to share with you of the space and from the workshop which makes me feel a bit like a kid and today is my news day… “and here is a picture of me holding a lizard at the zoo”… 

Or something like that.

Sorry.  I gonna blame the herbal cold and flu tablets for my randomness.

Before I show you around our new space, I just want to say a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beautiful pal Bron

Poor Bron’s birthday yesterday didn't go all that smoothly and far as birthdays go (to say the least), and she was dealt a pretty sucky hand full of lost phones and allergic reactions.

Not how birthdays are supposed to go right?!

We all love you Bron and I for one promise you a full birthday redo next week my friend.

What’s something you intended on doing lately, but ended up crawling out through the loop whole instead?

Have you ever declared a redo on your birthday? What made you want do it all over again?

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