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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

It's A Kodak Moment!

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Brought to you by Nuffnang and Kodak Alaris App
It’s funny how times they change.

Once upon a time I was a stickler for creating memory books for my kids, full of photos and keepsakes and little notes about their progress.

Alright so once upon a time was in actual fact once… a long time ago… for my first child… and then the other two got totally ripped off because I bought myself an iPhone and a dslr and I no longer needed to put film into the shop to get my photos developed and so I just didn’t...  develop any photos that is.

Instead I just kept those photos on my phone or the computer and the closest I ever really get to sort of |kind of | not really at all developing them or creating any memory books was posting those photos to instagram and Facebook.

A little while back I did actually go to the effort of printing off some photos onto that ridiculously expensive photo paper you can get from stationery suppliers and I covered our fridge with beautiful memories of our boys and special people.

Ok so I wasted at least half a pack trying to get sizes and print settings right, but damn it - I love those photos.

They remind me of how lucky I am and they make me smile every time I open the fridge… which is very handy during witching hour when the kids are hangry and being particularly painful, because I can just look at those sweet smiling faces and remember that they are not always quite so turdish.
The problem I find with printing the photos for myself is that not only is the photo paper painfully expensive, the ink it uses up to print the photos burns a massive hole in my wallet too and well let’s be totally honest here… the chances of me getting around to actually printing them much... or at all, is about as likely as me giving up coping cordial.

It’s just not gonna happen!

This Father’s Day I wanted to put some special photos together of the boys for my hubby and my own dad and so when I was asked to try out the KODAK MOMENTS App I was all “hell yes! Perfect timing thanking you very much!”

Ok, so here’s the thing with this KODAK MOMENTS App – there is lots to love about it and how easy it is to use, but the best bit? Well that would have to be the ability to print photos straight from my phone, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox in a variety of different sizes, have them shipped direct to my door and I don’t need to mortgage my house to pay for them as they are cheap as!

What’s NOT to love about all that?!

My Instagram is full of my most fave photos of the kids and I’m thinking I might get the kids to help me put together an album of our fave family memories for the hubby and frame some prints for their Pop.

The prints come in a whole host of sizes including the Instagram square images, the more traditional sizes and even poster sizes.

You can download the KODAK MOMENTS App on both iOS devices here and Android mobile devices here and it is totally free to download.

If you get cracking now, you can also raid your phone and Instagram for photos to order and have them delivered in time to get the kids creating something special for dad this Father’s Day.

What about you – Are you good with printing off photos?

Do you have photo albums for each child or guilty of doing it for just the first one like me?