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Friday, 11 September 2015

Slowing it Down to a Slooooooooowww Kind of Slow

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I had my first real summery vibe of the season hit me today and dang it felt good.

Yeah, I know, I'm kind of getting a bit ahead of myself as Summer is still a whole two and a half months away, but I liken the vibe to the same kind of excitement I get on Fridays - you know where it's not actually the weekend yet but you just know it's coming.

Know what I mean?

We had all the warehouse doors flung open wide today, and the music was pumping whilst we worked and there was a proper warm breeze wafting through the studio.

Like a summery warm kind of waftiness that reeked of extended daylight, evening picnics and good times are a coming kind of vibes

It's the small things right?

And hopefully a sign that we can shove winter back in its box for another year.

We have a gorgeous event taking place at the warehouse tomorrow - the lovely Julie from The Good Bunch has hired the space to hold a pot luck flower gathering.

The idea behind the gathering is that friends and strangers pick, forage or buy local flowers, then bring them all along and place them on a communal table where everybody chooses what they would like and creates their own floral arrangements.

Whilst they potter with the blooms  and chat to new and old friends, they will be feasting on local produce and spend a blissfully slow morning being nowhere but right there in the moment.

I love the whole concept of this beyond words.

I know Slow Living is a bit of a buzz word, but man it just all kind of makes sense don't you think?!

Slowing life down to give more time to the precious things, less to the unimportant and being more aware and at peace and in the moment.

Sounds pretty darn lovely to me.

Speaking of lovely things, I have a few to share with you today and if pretty, uncluttered, tasty and calming are your thing then you are going to love all of these links.

Clockwise from top left

1. Got the spring cleaning bug? Or how about the declutter flutter? Becoming Minimalist shares 7 daily tips to a clutter free home.

2. Have you caught the colouring bug like everyone else seems to have lately? I'm keen to give it a go and if you are up for it too then you will love this free colouring in printable from We are Scout

3. It's no secret that when it comes to clucky women, I should have feathers sticking out like EVERYWHERE! That being so, you can only imagine what the images of this divine baby shower from Style Me Pretty did to my ovaries.

4. Choc dipped salt and vinegar chips. NO... for REALS... The Sugar Hit shows you how! Perfect for those of us who are torn between sweet and savoury.

On that note, I am off to eat oysters and sushi and soak up some snuggle time with my favourite people.

Enjoy your weekend you guys... like REALLY enjoy it OK?!!

Whatcha doing this weekend?
Will you be rushing from one thing to the next or will you try and slow it down a little and savour it?
Can you believe Sam booted off Heather on The Bachelor last night? Devo'ed. Who do you think will win the man?

I don't think our guest hostie this week needs ANYTHING in the way of introductions because if you haven't discovered her wicked wit for yourself then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?

Melissa AKA Hugzilla must be made up of some really funny genes or chromosome DNA thingies because humour and wit just seriously ooze from her words. I so badly want to roll a bottle of wine and a cake with her one day. I mean it Melissa, I will stalk you down you know.. consider that a promise or a threat... whatever ;)

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