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Thursday 8 October 2015

Don't Be a Dick!

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Sometimes the Internet can be an incredibly inspiring and awesome place to hang out - I mean you get to meet and chat with friends on social media, read and share in other people's thoughts and ideas, blow your mind learning new things and even shop until you drop or your credit card says stop!

But sometimes, the Internet can be the shittiest realm on earth and that good buzz and friendly vibe is totally killed by a couple of ignorant dicks.

Recently a beautiful friend of mine - Jayde from Little Paper Lane - received a seven page letter in the mail, full of nothing but hateful vitriol.

The person who wrote this thought nothing at all of ripping apart her beautiful heart and stomping all over it and believe me when I tell you that nothing was sacred either, this person went hell for leather in their attack and took a swipe at her personality, her fabulous hair, her mothering skills, her family and they even went to town on the anxiety she suffers from.

I mean really?

People actually do this kind of thing?

Seven whole pages of abuse. SEVEN. And all of this directed at someone who genuinely has a heart ten times bigger than China.

Someone whose family is her entire world.

Someone who sits up until 2am writing back to people who write to her from all over the world sharing their own stories with her.

Someone who cares... like REALLY properly cares and doesn't just care from her seat but actually gets out there and supports those things she cares about.

It honestly makes me feel sick that someone would do this to anyone, let alone to my friend.

Of course it was all written by an anonymous, as is usually the way with these types of things, because let's face it - who in their right mind would write something like that let alone attach their name and profess to owning such a pile of verbal spew.

Gutless is what it is.

Pure ignorant, thoughtless and gutless behaviour.

Yeah yeah, I know as bloggers and instagrammers and pretty much anyone who writes a single word on the Internet, we are all putting ourselves out there to be open for criticism.

Not everyone is going to like what we have to say.. heck sometimes I don't even like the dribble that comes from my tapping on a keyboard... but surely if you don't like something you read you have a choice to either respectfully disagree, maybe even politely put your own thoughts and opinions across and be prepared to engage in a mature discussion, or better yet - simply click that mouse and move on!

To attack someone anonymously online is hateful enough, but to hunt someone down by sending them a letter full of hate in the post is just beyond belief and as for viciously attacking someone so personally, someone who has been so open and honest about their struggles with anxiety... well that is just so beyond moronic and not to mention completely irresponsible.

I frequently profess to living in a bubble. A warm cosy place where I am non confrontational, non controversial, and live my somewhat vanilla life with a dent in my ass from all the fence sitting I do.

But is it any wonder I choose to do so, or any of us choose to do so when there are so many assholes in the world waiting to pounce?

Here's an idea... Don't be a dick!

How simple is that?!

If you have something you need to say, maybe spend a few minutes considering how you will say it.

If you have nothing nice to say then maybe just DON'T say it.

If you don't like someone, unfollow them.

If you don't like something you read, then don't keep reading it.

Just DON'T BE A DICK! Go do something better with your time.

Rightio... that feels a little better.

Tacos anyone?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of something like this?
How did you deal with it?
Can you believe people actually DO this kind of thing?