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Thursday 19 November 2015

The Unspoken Impact

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By the time we got into the car this morning to go to school, no one in our family was really talking to each other.... except for the hubby... but that's really only because he had already left for work and so he wasn't around to be involved in the silent treatment.

The two youngest boys had begun the morning with a rip roaring argument about someone taking a bookmark out of someone's book and now someone doesn't know which page he is up to.


The oldest boy was kind of sulking because I yelled at him to "feed the damn dogs already" and then I laughed at him when he attempted to squeal his dissatisfaction at actually being asked to feed someone other than himself, and his new deeper vocal chords defied him by refusing to co-operate and instead let out something that kind of sounded like a bear giving birth to triplets.

And then there was me - tired and cranky because I had sat up until 12.30 trawling the interwebs and reading psychic predictions on what is going to happen to our world for the remainder of 2015 and 2016 (yeah I know!!!), and then I spent the night tossing and turning courtesy of horrific nightmares and a snoring husband.

All totally first world problems. Believe me, I  am so acutely aware of this.

As we sat waiting for our turn in the school kiss and drop line, I told the boys that I thought we were all being absolutely ridiculous arguing about such stupid things considering the state our world is in.

They kind of looked at me like I had three and a half heads and I am not sure if their mouths were agape from the shock of me actually talking to them again so soon after they displayed such turdish behaviour, or the fact that I was so unusually teary and emotional about what I was trying to say to them.

Probably a combo of both.

I don't expect them to 'get it' to the point that all us grown ups 'get it'.

As so many of us do every day, I try to protect them from what atrocities are going on in the world in a bid to preserve their innocence.... but when they carry on with so much fuss and bollocks about something as daft as losing a place in a book, I really do want to sit them down in front of the TV and make them understand how insignificant their woes are.

I didn't though.

I gave them each a kiss, told them I loved them and then kinda sorta shoved them out of the car.

In my defence I was still mildly pissed off at them.

They were being PARTICULARLY turdish this morning.

So ahhhh - I haven't much felt like writing on the blog this week or hanging out on social media this week.

Strike that - that's a lie.

I have felt like writing, a shitload actually, but it was mostly about my thoughts on Paris and Beirut and Syria. But nothing I could possibly say could do the enormity of the events that have gone down, any form of justice or use.

And so then I considered writing about bright happy stuff like Christmas, and work news and pretty things made of marble and rose gold....

But that just felt so lame and shallow.

I think we underestimate the impact the sort of things like what happened and continues to happen in Paris and Beirut and Syria has on us psychologically you know. At least I underestimated it as far as I am concerned.

So lovely people, I guess my point is this;

Go easy on yourselves this week - mankind has taken one hellava a massive beating.

Spread love and kindness to all that you can and try not to stress over insignificant things in your day.

Be grateful and gracious and compassionate and empathetic.

And most of all - shine bright... in spite of the oppressive darkness we might all be feeling.

How are you coping with all that has gone on?
Are you discussing it with your kids?
Has it changed your perspective at all on your every day doings?