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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Date Nights - There Really Is Such a Thing

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Last year on our wedding anniversary alllllll the way back in January 2015, the hubby and I sat together in a restaurant on a rare evening out together. 

We clinked glasses and toasted to ourselves and our marital awesomeness and then looked around with excitement and wonder at the fact that we were on a night out by ALL BY OURSELVES. 

It was a proper kind of date night, with no kids playing sword fights with cutlery, sculling jugs of pink lemonade and fighting over who can play with my phone... well none of our kids anyway.

Yup, we were feeling and acting like fair dinkum bonafide grown ups, and we made a promise to ourselves right there and then that we would go on a date night at least once a month all by ourselves for the rest of our lives.


So that was last January and do you know how many date nights we have been on since then?



One of the two was actually a whole year later and it was a lunch to celebrate THIS year's wedding anniversary so I'm not really sure it counts does it???

I am forever reading about and watching people in magazines, books, TV shows and movies getting all glammed up to go out on romantic date nights with their other halves. and then there's me who has spent the last 14 years wondering "How the hell do they manage it? 

A: How do they find the time? 
B: Who looks after the kids? 
C: How do they make it out of the door without the kids hanging off their legs?

Thankfully this year we have reached the age where child labour my oldest son babysitting is now an option.

It still costs me... $20 bucks a night to be precise and he does prefer us to be home by 10pm... 
but that's cool, we can work with that. 

$20 bucks is nothing added to the cost of dinner and a few uninterrupted drinks and as for the curfew???? Pfft I would be falling asleep face first into my 'sex on the beach' if I was to stay out later than 10pm anyways.

Armed with our new found determination to make this date night thingymajig work, we recently headed out to dinner to The Flying Bear Cafe at Kirribilli.

This joint has all the makings of a perfect night out; the idealistic waterfront setting, gorgeous scenery, disgustingly expensive mansions to ogle whilst you sip your cocktail from the impressive bar, food to make your saliva glands go completely ballistic and smooth tunes in the form of groovy live music playing during the sunset sessions from 6.30 8.30pm Tuesday to Sunday throughout Summer.

Yep I reckon it pretty much has it all.

The Flying Bear Cafe and Foys Resturant are located at 76 McDougall St, Kirribilli NSW. It is available for weddings and functions and entrees start at $4, mains start at $18 and desserts start from $11. 

There is also a kids menu but I say screw that - leave the kids with the manny, nanny, aupair of bribed sibling and treat yourselves to a night out instead.

Go on. 

At least once a year anyway!

When was the last time you went on a date night?
Who looks after the kids?
Do you make it a regular thing?