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Monday, 1 February 2016

Ummm Hello

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Ummm hello!

I feel a little bit like a sheepish kid that is poking her head around the door to check if anyone is there to witness her arrive home an hour after her curfew has passed... note to my kids *ahem* NOT that I was ever late for my curfew of course... but you know what I mean.

I didn't actually set out with the intention to take a whole month off from writing here on the blog, but life kind of happened and if I am totally honest, I was more than happy for it to sweep me up and carry me along for a while without too much thought into the day to day.

For an OCD freak like me who usually has every day planned and structured (almost, but not quite down to toilet breaks)... this was a big break through for me.

You see the thing is I was starting to freak out about the kids growing up so fast.

Their limbs were getting longer, their childhood chubbiness began to melt away before my eyes and hairy bits were appearing on one of them faster than I was coping with.


Hold me.

I am so not ready for hairy bits.

We went away for a week in the holidays, just the five of us. We camped on a friend's stunning property on Dunbogan beach and I soaked up my beautiful family 24 hours a day for a WHOLE week with no wifi and no distractions.

I filled my bucket and for probably the first time ever since I have had kids, I can honestly say that I am sad that the school holidays have come to an end.

I feel truly relaxed and happy.

I have topped up my bucket and realised the importance of topping up that bucket regularly.

I have also realised that I need to loosen up a little, stop being so damn stuffy and routiney and just let go, go with the flow and allow myself to be swept away by life more often.

Adventure is good for your soul and perhaps certain rules should be created with the sole purpose of being broken... you know, the routiney kind of rules, because the particular kind of rush you get from breaking your own rules is something that money just can't buy.

And so here I am, a little later than expected but so happy to be here.

How are you doing?
What are you up to?
Any exciting news to share? I missed you guys!