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Thursday 7 July 2016

These Days...

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School holidays so far have pretty much looked liked this - kids lounging around in front of the TV, dogs lounging around lapping up the extra pats from the lounging kids, and then there's me - muttering under my breath whilst running around cleaning up after the said lounging kids and dogs.

Most days have been pretty much spent in varying degrees of dress... in other words - no one is really bothering to get out of their pyjamas unless they ABSOLUTELY have to, like when we run out of milk and then we scissor paper rock over who has to get out of the car at the servo and the loser has to then at least attempt to hide their PJs whilst the rest of us laugh at them from the warmth of the car and our flannies and uggs.

I reckon complete hibernation during the months of June, July and August should be compulsory. I mean who really wants to leave the comfort of home and the netflix during winter? 

Certainly not my bucket head.

Who's bucket head you ask? Ha!

Take a look for yourself below.

Awwww that bucket head just so happens to be our poor old neurotic Maxi Boy.. other wise known as the shithead who eats all our undies.

Max had a run in with a pair of clippers at the dog groomers recently and decided he would lick those clipper wounds until they formed big holes in his legs, because you know... that sounds like fun right?

A $160 buck vet bill and a handful of staples later and we have a poorly poodle in a blue tartan cardie with a bucket on his head.

We can't stop laughing at the poor bugger and I'm pretty sure he is starting to get quite the complex... it doesn't help that he keeps running into walls and misjudging how big that bucket actually is and therefore getting his head stuck in... well pretty much everything. All of this of course just adds to our amusement.

Sorry Maxi!

Despite how funny he looks, the kids feel bad for him and so they are doling out lots of extra loving to Mad Max, which is a good thing whilst it lasts because when they find out that we spent at least half of their holiday entertainment budget on vet bills thanks to Max's licking habit - they are probably not going to be quite so amused anymore.

Looking after a poorly bucket head versus Finding Dory and Putt Putt... hmmmm???

Speaking of amusing... or not, I had an awkward encounter with my fifteen year old the other night.

He was staying with some mates at a friends house for the night, and me being the annoying mother sent him annoying texts messages - what can I say - I miss the gangly teen when he is not around.

So to cut a long story short I'll just share the text so that you can cringe at the moment predictive text failed me.

The question remains - how did predictive text even think to replace "too late" with "masturbate"?

I mean really. Really???

I'm pretty sure I haven't been googling that word lately. Sure there has been plenty of other questionable Google searches because HELLO - curious mind and all that, but why at that precise moment in front of all his mates did predictive text decide to throw that one into the mix?

I do not know, but talk about awkward.

That's one for the 21st.

On another note, thanks for all your lovely emails and messages about my post the other day.

I'm feeling much more like myself today and I have come to realise that sometimes we all just need to be kinder to ourselves and talk it out when we are feeling a bit down.

Being open and honest about the highs and lows we go through is good for us and good for anyone else who is feeling that way because it makes you appreciate the fact that you are normal and by no means alone in the way you are feeling and that all of us are in this thing called life together!

There is a whole lot of comfort in that thought don't you think?

Had any awkward encounters with your kids lately?
Know any cheap ways to amuse them these holidays? 
Like super cheap?