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Monday 2 January 2017

2017 Printable Calendars You Will Love

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 Well first of all HAPPY 2017 YOU GUYS!!!!!

I hope you had the most awesome start to the year imaginable.

I've spent the last week mooching around spending time catching up with family and friends and eating leftovers and having a right old time being a lady of leisure... but it's back to work for me tomorrow and so besides the mooching I have also been busy foofing and getting my home office ready all the awesomeness I intend on creating in there this year when I am not at the studio.

I'll share some pics of the office do over soon but in the meantime I wanted to share some of the awesome printable calendars I found online when I was searching around for one for my office.

I'm a sucker for pretty office stuff and I have a particular weakness for diaries, notebooks and planners and of course calendars and although I had FULL intentions of creating my own calendar, I figured 'why bother' when we are so spoilt for choice by so many other generous clever clogs on the interwebs.

So here you go - pick whichever tickles your fancy and get printing (the links to each calendar are below).

I'm deadset certain ANY of these calendars would look absolutely gorgeous somewhere in your home.

How were your New Year's Celebrations? 
Did you do anything exciting or was it a quiet start to the year?
Top Row Left: from Colorful Disaster Top Row Right: from Printable Haven
Middle Row Left: from Foreign Rooftops Middle Row Right: from This Little Street

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