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Monday 6 February 2017

We Are Getting There

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Well you guys, we are into week two of the new schools for two of our boys - a change of school for Flynn and high school for Sam.

I would like to say it has been all smooth sailing... but the truth is it hasn't, not for everyone anyway.

Sam is stoked, absolutely loving high school so far, loving meeting new people and loving feeling all mature and the like. Totally NOT what I expected from a kid with such extreme anxiety but hey... I am thrilled about it so I'll just quickly knock on some wood and move on if it's alright with you.


Ah Flynn, our little crystal and Kombi loving hippy child.

Our happy go lucky confident dude seems to have gone AWOL at the moment and has left in his place a teary lost little soul.

Monday last week saw him smiling from ear to ear after his first day and I was fist pumping about how easy it was and thanking the universe for giving us a much needed break.

But then you know how they say that you shouldn't brag too soon?

Yeah, well that! Beacuse as much as he loved day one... day two... NOT so much.

Day three saw the arrival of some pretty nasty pre school stomach aches, a case of the wobbly bottom lip and by the time we arrived at the gates of the school, the tears had well and truly set in.

With every tear that fell, I literally felt like my heart was being ripped out, chucked on the ground and stomped on.

I was trying really hard not too cry with him, really hard, but I hugged him harder and longer than usual.

Somehow I managed to hold it together and after kissing him goodbye, I put on the sunnies and bawled my way back to the car and all the way to work.

He misses his friends and he just feels a little awkward and out of place and... just lost. It's as simple as that... he just feels lost.

He really likes his new school, he thinks his teacher is pretty darn awesome and he says that all the kids are really friendly... he just misses his old friends and the familiarity he had walking into his old school every day.

By the end of last week, things were improving.

He found himself settling within a group of six awesome little dudes from his year and one who lives up the road from us. Actually, now that I think about it, 'awesome' is quite the understatement when it comes to describing those kids because after they came up to Flynn and I as we waited for the bell to ring and introduced themselves and asked Flynn to play, I could have hugged the guts out of each one of them.

Now, I need to get my brave on and organise some playdates with those kids. It's my turn to get all nervous ringing mums that I don't know and introducing myself.


You never quite grow out of the nervousness do you?

It will get better, I know this.

It will get easier and he knows this.

He rated today a seven out of ten. That's a HUGE win in our opinion.

Bring on an 'eight' day.

It's coming right?

Have you guys changed your child's school? Or did you ever change yourself?
Any tips for any of us going through it or considering it? 
I would love to hear from you if you have any experience you could offer.