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If you are looking for more of a Collaborative partnership, sponsored content or brand Ambassadorship, please email me at and I will be in contact asap to answer any questions, provide any information you need and discuss ways that we can work together. Please note, I generally only check my blog emails every second day.

Here are just some of the ways you can work with me;
Sponsor Packages
Blog Advertising
Reviews and Giveaways
Sponsored Posts
Brand Ambassadorship 
Facebook Giveaways

Some of the companies and brands I have worked with include Coles Supermarkets, Freedom Furniture, Target, Pottery Barn, Dyson, Mastercard, Tefal, Bank Of Queensland, Real Insurance, New Idea, IGA & many more 


If you are a PR company or a brand representative and you have a product that you think my readers may be interested in please feel free to contact me at and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please read my editorial and disclosure policy for more information on reviews.

Please note that I am very particular about reviews on my blog in that there has to be something in it for my readers too. So before you contact me in regards to a review, please consider whether you would be willing to offer product for a reader giveaway as well... because I will ask! ;)



I will review products and services openly and honestly and I do not accept any payment or compensation in return for a favourable or positive review. 

Just so I am totally upfront and not wasting your time, please know that I will only accept reviews for products that are suitable to my family and that I believe are suited to my reader's demographics.

I will not review or promote a product that I have not personally tried or does not fit with my personal values.

All paid sponsored posts and Ambassador Communications are disclosed at the beginning of the post and all opinions expressed in those posts are my own 

Of course I will frequently post about products, places or events that I love and want to share with my readers, but if it doesn't say Sponsored or is not included in my Monthly Reviews and Giveaways Posts, then I am just sharing the love cause I can!


All images and content (unless stated otherwise) are the property of Life Love and Hiccups.

I am happy to share, actually I am a really good sharer - but please ask first.

I do try to always credit the use of any style imagery to the original owner, but if by chance I have made a mistake, please contact me and I will fix it immediately.