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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Every girl LOVES a Makeover

Pin It I am so excited today that I cannot stop doing my happy dance (as unco as it is). Because today my new love 'Life Love and Hiccups' has received a fabulous makeover from the gorgeous Sass at MooZoo Designs. This girl is an ARTIST!! Not only did she take an idea I had and turn it into reality, she did it with such patience and grace. I changed things a million times and had her tweak this and twirl that and not once did she appear anything less than gracious. I LOVE YOU SASS ! :)

My blog has become my little happy space. The place I disappear to and write to my hearts content, and my heart now is soooo content in this gorgeous new place.

Seriously - if you want to give your blog a face lift - this girl is the one to do it.

Thanks again Sass - you Rock!!

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