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Friday, 28 October 2011

Pick Your Towel Up! - My Sneaky Tip to Keep you Sane

Pin It 4 Males in the house often equals BIG mess. For an OCD freak like me that means BIG meltdowns.
One of the things that drive me the craziest is picking wet towels up off the bathroom floor.

What is it with Testosterone and Towels?
Is it too hard to ask that you hang your wet towel back up to dry??

And of course when ever I groaned in my best naggy voice "who left their towel on the floor"? I was always met with mumbled nothings, blank looks and shrugging shoulders.

Well here's the bit where I pat myself on the back. I figured out a way to control the towel toss AND nab the guilty culprit.

I went and bought 6 new towels (gotta love an excuse to shop) in 3 different colours - 2 of each colour.

Then I assigned each boy with their own colour. They have the same colour towel in their bathroom upstairs and the downstairs one too and they are responsible for ensuring their colour towel is hanging back up when they are finished with it.

No more shrugging shoulders cause now I know EXACTLY who left their towel on the bathroom floor.

Ahh Mums - we are not just pretty faces, we have devious minds to match too.

I am actually smirking and doing the tongue out of the side of my mouth thingy as I write this. I tend to do that when I am excited.

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