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Saturday, 5 November 2011

As The Saying Goes "If you Can't Beat them - Join them"

Pin It If you read my post last weekend I Have a Little Crush On The Sensei you will know that I fessed up big time to having a wee bit of a crush on my boys Karate teacher.

Well I am here to report that I have another crush this week on someone in the Karate class. Yes siree! A bit of a tart aren't I?

Well this crush is BIG TIME. In fact it would be better labelled an infatuation.

So who is getting me all in a tizz you are wondering?

It's my Hubby. I guess he decided if you can't beat them - join them. And he did just that! This week he signed himself up for Karate lessons too.

Now that is what I call one dedicated hubby with extra points for the ingenious way to keep his wife in check. He knows I have crushed on the original Karate Kid - Ralph Macchio in my younger years, and more recently on our Kid's Karate teacher. Now I have my own Kung Fu action man within reach every day.

Carl I have to agree with the kids on this one - "You Rock!"

P.S sorry about the quality of the photo. I had to send one of my sons to take this as I didn't want to lose my prime position where I was sitting. From my seat I could watch my son's Karate Teacher class AND perve on my hubby! I had the cake AND the cream. :) Oh Saturday mornings, how I love thee!

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