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Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm telling ya - Weird is the NEW Black!

Pin It I'm a self professed dork, a little strange, twisted and delightfully quirky at times, perhaps even a tad weird, and you know what - I'm totally ok with that.

Fifteen years ago, perhaps even ten, I would have been more than a little embarrassed to go against the grain, but the dirty 30's has done wonders for me, for my confidence, acceptance of myself and being comfortable and even proud of who I am as an individual.

Perhaps it was beating the depression I got bogged down with for a while, or I could have knocked my head in my accident and set a part of my brain that had been previously hibernating into action and made me a little less uptight and more accepting of who I am.

I do believe that childbirth and the complete lack of dignity during that whole event can make us less self conscious and combine that with the way we can sometime lose our identity in those early years of child wrangling meant that when I did find myself again, I was a little stranger than before.

Ok so I don't normally get around in an army hat, tie and pigtails, but I do wear reading glasses and I definitely have a tendency to go a little crazy, especially when under stress or delirious from lack of sleep.

So what's the point of all this natter - well I have been tagged by some gorgeous bloggers to play the ten questions game.  Jayne from Jagger Files (who is the beautiful proud mama of a precious new little cherub), Anna from Green tea and Toast (who is just gorgeous and a future award winning children's writer), and Leanne from the Super Classy Uber Simplicity  (who is my separated at birth twin sister) all tagged me to answer a certain ten questions which I totally love, but since I was lucky enough to be tagged earlier and have already answered those particular 10 questions, I thought I would put a twist on things and share with you 10 weird, dorky and totally strange things about myself.

1. When I do my shopping (on the occasions I manage to do the shopping without the kids in tow) I like to wear my iPod and totally work it like I am in my very own music video. If the music is soft and gentle, you will see me ethereally wandering the aisle all calm and bohemian like with a dreamy smile floating on my face. Crank the music up with a funky beat and I am all smiles and bounce baby. Rock me out with some hardcore tunes and I am suddenly, broody full of deep stares and trolley attitude. Weird? Yeah I thought so too.

2. Every now and then when I am feeling a little frazzled I like to lie in my bedroom, with one of my relaxation CDs on. You know the type that are typically all wood wind flutes,  some seagulls squawking and maybe a bit of tribal song to really set the mood. I light a candle or two and pull out of one of my favourite soul searching books from Eckhart Tolle, or the Dalai Llama and connect with my inner being. Ok so I may have 'The Real Housewives of where ever the eff they are this week' on in the background, but I am viewing them on a much deeper and holistic level man.

3.  I like to cut pictures out of homie magazines and stick them in a scrap book cause I am so old school and hip like that. Don't get me wrong, I adore Pinterest and can waste hours on there too, but there is something so satisfying about putting together a scrapbook of kitchens, and bathrooms, bedrooms and homes that I dream about but will probably never afford.

4. I have our en suite bathroom set up permanently like a day spa with all the little bottles and potions collected together in a basket, fresh flowers, fluffy towels, candles and a sweet smelling diffuser. I get really antsy when one of the boys use that bathroom and even my hubby knows to conduct his morning ritual in any of the bathrooms in this house EXCEPT that one. Sure I'm a little overprotective of my chick room considering I only ever really get 5 minutes to myself in there at a time (if I am lucky), but by God I want those 5 minutes to myself to be memorable and special. Oh one more thing whilst I am on the bathroom, I like to sing when I am on the toilet cause I like the way my voices echos in there and makes me sound all popstarish which is very important when I am pretending to be a contestant on Australian Idol.

5. I am an anal retentive clean and neat freak. Think seriously OCD and you are getting close. I cannot sit down and relax unless everything is in its place and just so. I tidy up as soon as the kids leave for school before I start work and then again at night when they go to bed. I cannot go to sleep knowing dishes are in the sink, cushions are not in position or the remote control is not tucked neatly under the tele. I know life is too short to worry about such trivial things, but given the choice of being the teenage girl who may or may not have left a continual pile of empty smoked oyster tins hidden under her bed (sorry mum) and may have been known to sleep in her school clothes so she could get an extra few minutes sleep in the morning, or being a neat freak who has a chronic need to be organised, well I tell ya I know who I am happier being.

6. I like to talk to myself, not just little mutterings but proper full blown conversations. I prefer to do this in the privacy of my own home, but if the conversation starts up in the car when I am driving about, that's ok too. I have the most wonderful and fascinating conversations with myself and I make some excellent points and conclusions and I can talk myself into pretty much anything without too much of an argument. I'm not insane ... truly, well not much anyway. Though one may question if the commentary I run with like a cooking show when I am preparing meals or baking is a little out there. Mostly I just banter, a bit like I am on my own reality tv show but no ones watching. Perhaps subconsciously I started blogging because I wanted yet another place to hold these conversations of mine that didn't involve cooking a cake, driving a car or sitting in a bathroom decked out like a day spa. Oh and by the way, I do have a terrible habit of laughing to myself at something in my head and then because I may not want to share with others what I am laughing at I make something up totally random.

7. Did you know I once ran a marathon from Sydney to Perth? No I didn't really but in my dreams I can run really coolly, kind of all slow motion like, you know - effortlessly like gravity is not an issue and there's absolutely no boob strain at all. Wishful thinking, but then I dream I can fly too!

8. I am oddly obsessed with white flowers. I only have white flowers planted in my garden and every Friday when I buy fresh flowers for myself on behalf of my gorgeous hubby - you guessed it they are white. Sometimes if I am feeling very spontaneous, daring and slightly outrageous, I might buy yellow ones, but truthfully not often, I prefer to stick with white. I have no idea why that is and whilst I'm at it, I'm not really sure why I even brought that one up. Huh!

9. When I am unsure of something, can't make a decision or want to predict my future I make little lists and then I add up the letters in my name, add my age and then break it down to a single numeral (does that even make sense to you?) Then I count through the list crossing out the line I land on whenever I get to that 'number'. I keep doing this until I am left with one thing on the list and there's my magic answer to all my questions. OMG I cannot believe I just admitted that to you guys.

10. Last but not least, sometimes I like to weigh myself after I do a poop (yes you did read that correctly), but only if it is a really big one and only because I am curious to see how much weight one can lose after releasing that amount of substance from ones body. Purely scientific questioning of course.

So there you have it - my completely and utterly weird spin on the ten questions, only you didn't ask me about any of these things did you, I just went ahead and told told you anyway. Which is theoretically a classic case of over sharing and I must curb that habit a little, but I'll have a chat to myself about that tomorrow.

So my friends I am here to declare that weird is the new normal, the new black if you please, and we should all embrace any ounce of craziness we have in us. It's who we are and we don't have to hide it from the world. So in a salute to how I have come to except who I am today, I am gonna share my weirdness with the world and move the cursor over to the little orange button at the top of this page that says publish and click on it.

But before I go, I am not going to tag anyone and force them to out themselves as weird as I have done, but if you would like to join me in celebrating weird and wonderful woman, you can do so by sharing with us in the comments some of your wacky habits or traits. Come on - I dare you!