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Friday, 29 June 2012

If You are Going to Use an Excuse - at Least Floor Me With Your Creative Brilliance!

Pin It As a kid I used to come up with the most random excuses for things. I could explain away missing tins of smoked oysters from the pantry, how I accidentally drank the whole bottle of Orange Juice and left the container in the fridge and I don't know how many lost dogs and cats and possums I saved in my youth (and therefore I was late for school) but I am sure that there must be a special animal halo and a shiny brass plaque waiting for me in heaven - if only my elaborate stories were indeed true.

I have had some beautiful excuses come out of my kids mouths over the years, enough to make me at times stare in awe at them and render me speechless at the sheer brilliance of their imagination. I would have to say the best one yet goes to my middle son Sam who recently forgot to do one of his jobs which was to pick up the dog poo - because he had just eaten a slushie and had a brain freeze and not all of his brain has unfrozen yet and the part that was supposed to remember to pick up the poo was one of the parts still frozen and not working and therefore he didn't remember. (all said without taking a breath!) See what did I tell you - brilliance!

I'm supposing I really shouldn't be throwing around the word brilliant in the same sentence as excuses should I? Especially since I recently discovered that my older son's school teacher reads this blog sometimes - Hi Mrs B! We are just working on Kai's *ahem* creative writing skills :)

The old dog ate my homework excuse is soooo tired though and I would be incredibly disappointed if my kids couldn't come up with something better than that. Albeit I wouldn't exactly be surprised if they did use that one, because if our dogs can eat couches, walls and a brand new dog kennel, then some homework would be a cinch for them and merely an appetizer to the main meal of something like - the floor of the back deck with a side of brick wall? But I am hoping that if my kids are ever desperate enough to need to go down the excuse path, that they at least come up with something so creative it would wow the socks of any recipient and leave them in complete awe.

I actually found myself all excited when I saw this the other day....

That my friends is the electricity bill that was semi eaten by one of the dogs. I was uber excited that I was going to get to take a little walk down memory lane and ring the electricity company to tell them "I'm so sorry I cant pay my bill, but you see the dog ate it!". Unfortunately the dog ate the wrong page and the page with all the important numbers was pretty much left in tact so excuses were off the agenda. Damnit!

Anyway I am off to organise a surprise end of school afternoon tea for my kids. I have no idea why I am celebrating the fact that they get to torment me for a few weeks straight, but you know me, any excuse to get my crafty on, make something special for them AND EAT CAKE is a good thing in my books. I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of the bits and bobs I've put together for them!

Happy Friday!

Were you an excuses kind of gal or was it straighty one eighty all the way for you?
Got any bills you would like my dogs to eat? - we're going into business and for a fee I'll promise they'll eat the important numbers.