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Friday, 8 June 2012

Never UnderMESStimate the Power of a Good Pair of Undies!

Pin It My little boy Flynn is such a klutz bless him. He is always wounding himself, from dislocating toes by kicking a soccer ball - missing - and kicking a wall instead, to black eyes from running into walls that suddenly jump up in front of him. Accident prone he most definitely is, but despite his lack of grace and co-ordination, he certainly has a way with the ladies.

At Kindy he has what his teachers call a harem - a bunch of gorgeous little girls led by his number one gal Elle. They kiss and hug him hello, they fuss over him, stand guard whilst he is on the toilet, help him with his lunch box and lovingly wave goodbye to him through the gate at home time.

When we I picked him up the other day from Kindy he had no less than half a dozen little girls, standing at the gate waving goodbye, blowing kisses and say "Bye Boy friend - we love you".
He hasn't yet been tainted by the fear of girls germs and therefore is happy to lap it up.

If he could bottle that charm until he is in his twenties he will be laughing. Notice I said twenties - yup back off girls, the padlock doesn't come off until then.

Last week he had a grazed face and as I filled out the accident form at kindy, his teacher explained to me what happened. He was being chased by 'his girls' and he tripped and fell. The girls thinking it was all part of the game, piled on top of him and in the crush his face was scraped along the bricks.

Flynn didn't mind a bit, it's all in a days work as far as he is concerned.

Yesterday another accident report was waiting to be signed upon pick up.

What happened this time? He was being chased by 'his girls' and yet again he tripped again and took the skin off his knee. I am starting to wonder if the "Oh look I tripped" thing is all part of his strategy.

As I kissed his sore knee he said to me "It's ok, they are just my love Wounds Mummy".
Love Wounds? REALLY? Where on earth do they come up with this stuff!

In the car on the way home from Kindy today, Flynn's older brother Kai asked him whether he likes being chased by the girls. Flynn without hesitation answered "Yes".

Kai turned to me and said - "Why do you think the girls love Flynn so much Mum?"

Before I even had a chance to think of an answer my 7 year old Sammy piped up with his view on things.

"They like him cause of his clothes. Never underMESStimate the power of a good pair of undies!"

What the??????

Alrighty then. In that case Bonds send me the contracts, I have your new man!

Did you ever indulge in a game of Catch me if you can - OH OK then you Caught me?
Were you aware of the great power a Good Pair of Undies has?
 Is telling him to NOT get out of bed for less than $10k too greedy at this early stage?