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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Seven Sneezes Does Not an Orgasm Make!

Pin It Seven sneezes does not equal an know just in case you were wondering. I know! I tried to put the theory to the test....on my lunch break...cause that's how I roll!

I have heard about this theory for years and I have always wondered if there was any truth to the story. Everytime I start sneezing, I wait with anticipation to see how many I can reach.
One... Bless You!
Three.... A 'Bless You' from some kind person pretending to care,
Four.... the excitements building now!
Five.... Go for Gold Sonia, GO.FOR.GOLD!
Six.... six.......

Dammit, talk about an anticlimax. I just cant seem to make it past six and so that seventh heaven thus far remains an enigma.

And so I decided today was to be the day. I am willing to put myself on the line for mankind, all in the name of science or something like that. I resisted the urge to have a glass of wine with my lunch, you know to relax me and get me in the mood. Instead I decided to approach this kinda like a bloke maybe would, skipping the sweet talk and going straight for the finish line (yes I am ducking for cover right now).

Yes I know - Cover Girl photo right!

Face poised to the sun I eagerly awaiting the build up ...... and it began......

One...Bless You!
Three .... A 'Bless You' from someone in the nursing home over the back fence.
Four.... the excitements building now!
Five .... Go for Gold Sonia, GO.FOR.GOLD!
Six.... Yeah Baby!Wait for it.... Wait.... Wait....
Seven.... Where is it, what's happening?
Eight.... I'm getting pissed off now, this myth was obviously created by some random sado masochist!
Nine.... OK ALRIGHT enough already, it's obvious this is a one big fat hoax and no one around here is getting their rocks off this lunchbreak.

And so with snot abounding and major sun spots in my eyes that was rendering me legally blind, I called it a day and yet another Urban myth bites the dust. End of story!

Have you got any myths you have been busting to try out? 
Have you done the mirror in the Dark Bloody Mary thing? 
(Sorry Nik, I was too scared to really try just in case)
Do you prefer peaches or banana on your breakfast cereal?