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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A DIY Blackboard Wall for the Kitchen

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One could be mistaken for thinking I have turned into a home decorator slash craft blogger if you were to go by the amount of DIY and craft stuff I have been posting lately. But you know, I guess that's the thing about this blog, you never really know what your gonna get cause truthfully I never really know in advance what I am going to blog about.

I am a bit of a wannabe crafter and home decorator at heart, I get a real buzz from creating stuff. But I'm flippant too and like a true Gemini I always have a million ideas running through my head and up to a dozen different projects on the go at any given time. When I get my decorating mojo on, I kind of have to just go with it, as I don't know when I will next feel like that again. And can I tell ya, when that motors running and the creativity is graciously flowing, I can turn a lot of that stuff in my head into a reality. Yup give my brain the old declutter, ready to fill up with more stuff!

So last weekend when I got "That Look" in my eye, my hubby knew he was either going to be hit up for some furniture moving or a trip to the Hardware Store. In this case it was a hardware store, because I had my heart set on a blackboard wall in the kitchen. Lucky for me my recent interest in the Old Fifty Shades books has earned me a *ahem* very co-operative husband.

The best thing about this project was the fact that my hubstar got all excited about my idea and in the end he kind of totally took over, which was fine by me as it left me to dive into the cushions I was busting to make.

After we hit Bunnings on Saturday and loaded up on all the gear (plus more of course), he came home and prepped the walls ready for the Chalkboard Paint. Not much more got done that day as there was a particularly long Monopoly Game to be played out by the males in this house and I was sent off to read my book in peace and quiet.

When I woke in the morning after a luxurious sleep in (courtesy of a break from kids sports during the school holidays and a certain hunky guy who ensured the kids stayed quiet), I woke to this.....

I love a man on a mission. Just look at the concentration on his face.

By the afternoon I had this - my precious blackboard wall. And my hubby had one very grateful wife who may or may not have been planning ahead about what other DIY projects she could get him excited enough about that he would also consider taking over.

I can't wait to see the messages that will be exchanged between family members on this blackboard - Hopefully messages of the friendlier variety. Maybe I could use it to write up a list of all the other things I want to do around this house.

Are you a DIY lover or loather?
Do you have a thing for men with tools too?
Whats on your list of projects you would love to get done around your abode?